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Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Vermilion, Sep 4, 2007.


    Vermilion Well-Known Member

    Most of you know that DPH is the main ingredient in bendryl. They also sell them as sleeping pills containing 25-50 mg of DPH. And supposedly it causes intense, and i mean INTENSE hallucinations if taken recreational.

    The most I've ever taken was 6 50mg pills adding up to 300mg of DPH. And I was already taking them for sleep so I had a bit of a tolerance toward it. I saw humanoid figures made of water. like how water looks in 0 gravity. Also, there were many objects made of the same thing. and once in a while they would charge toward me as if an invisible hand threw them.

    The DPH trips I've read on erowid look pretty intense. Theres reports of people going as high as 600mg and having conversations with people who arent even there. People even report walking and playing games with them and all of the sudden are in a different room with no one there. Not to mention it causes a LOT of audio hallucinations. I certainly havent gone that far with it, but I would like to try some day.

    So has anyone else tried DPH recreationally? You can read experiences on Erowid. Heres the link: Erowid Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) Vault

    Vermilion Well-Known Member

    I took 3 50mg pills an hour and a half ago to help me sleep. I hear children laughing and someone singing opera. Awesome.

    A fair warning, if anybody wants to try DPH, don't go over 400mg.

    smoker13 Active Member

    200mg had me buzzed and very disorientated but not tripping
    but I have not done more then that,,, how ever
    200mg seems to really enhance sex,,
    you should try it with your girl
    give it an hour or so to kick in

    RastaPanda Active Member

    lol yea its fucking intense
    i spent 3 hours laying in my bed scared shitless because people wre running throgh my door and screaming at me

    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    I wrote up pros and cons in another thread on this subject.

    Once you talk to people that aren't there, and it's actually a pair a jeans you start to see the down sides fast. Tolerance rocketed up, they made me cold, and I had to urinate too often. Combine that with a jittery feeling, and falling asleep with your eyes open or having limb twitches isn't as much fun anymore.

    As far as doin' these and bangin'...yeah maybe some people like it, but considering I either felt sedated or jittery...sex wasn't an option. Some people report not being as easily aroused =/

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    abusing anticholinergics (like Diphenhydramine), can lead to some annoying floaters in your eyes along with little sparkles out of the corner of your eyes and occasionally dark and light spots.. very annoying.

    dannyking Well-Known Member

    What?? are you crazy? This is what I aim for. every drug I take. unless I'm in the club...
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    SOorganic Well-Known Member

    Dude, Fuck this stuff! I took it at school when i was still in high school. The trip was manageable but still very weird and unpleasant. It made me sweat a lot and i basically felt like i had a really bad hang over. I.E dizzy and sweaty and nauseous. If u want to take it just to say u have then by all means have fun, but its like saying I took a bunch of jimson weed just to say i have.

    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    No, I'm not crazy. Which may be why I didn't enjoy the bouts of delirium while bein' cold, and sedated. I wouldn't realize that no one was in the room until I'd start to mumble something, snap out of it, and realize I was the only one in the room.

    It's not like acid, or shrooms where the trip is enjoyable or even energizing.

    auto1986 Active Member

    I just took 325ml of it So, I'll tell you how it is going in a few hours>< ha ha I hope I talk to jesus or something, or maybe water jesus
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    swishersweetrolla Active Member

    yea sum ppl like uppers sum like downers sum both...im from hooooussstooooonnneee teeexxxxaaaaassss so im always feeling slow

    auto1986 Active Member

    OKay this stuff Is shitty, I highly recommend to not take it. At first it was a strong stone, I could barely move around. Then I started to get the shakes, It didn't really change from that It just got stronger. And unfortunetly I did not hallucinate, I saw a few shadows out of the corner of my eye. Then I just passed out after 3 hours, and then slept for 15 hours. Yeah I did just wake up. Pretty shitty trip:)

    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    Just for reference, how much did you take? Empty or full stomach?

    auto1986 Active Member

    And i had eaten that Hour I believe, not an empty stomach.

    notaddicted01 Member

    So I use to take 1 or 2 25mg and it would knock me cold. After accidentally taking too many, about 5- 25 mg it all of a sudden gave me a good feeling and was great for helping me sleep. Then I started to drink one half bottle of childrens and it hit sooner and felt better. But after drinking an 8 oz. bottle for days it started to go away. Convinced that I was an insomniac and needed to sleep I found some sleeping pills that were just DPH. They were 25mg each. I started at 10, but soon hit 20. Still using them as a way to get great sleep soon as I would close my eyes. Then all of a sudden, it seemed to change. All of a sudden I started to hear and see things. I really kind of dismissed it. Then one after taking 20-25mg I realized that I would be having conversation in my head and look over and say something to my friend about it and he'd say what are you talking about? We haven't said anything to each other during the whole half hour show. Then I realized that if I stared at one spot long enough a person would appear almost like someone just drew them from feet up. They would say things to me. The rooms I walked would start getting really loud like the room was full of people and I couldn't get them to stop talking. Then I was going to bed and thought I heard a noise outside. It was 10pm and the neighbors light was out. Then I saw someone kind of scratch at my window. Then I heard this word for word. A girl and a guy talking. They sounded young. The girl said, "Where are we?" The guy said," I don't know it looks like some kind of hallway" The girl said "Yeah it is" Then I heard a different girl voice that sounded mad and said to me, "Just tell them that I said hi, that it!" I had to step back from the window cause it got too intense. I barely slept that night. It was sooo loud in my room. I don't know what the fuck happened that night. But that was so real, that I still hear it and the day after couldn't understand it. Then I read about how much of an hallucinogen DPH is and get it. Take at your own risk. It wasn't that much fun. Maybe cause I wasn't ready for it or because it still seems so real. I really don't know. Maybe this drug lets your minds guard down just enough to see and hear things that we can't when our minds our convinced we can't see and hear those things? Ask yourself if your ready before you even think about going were I did. Keep us posted. I don't think I am going back there.

    that1guy1980 Active Member

    I've taken this before, it does trip me out. The problem that I have with it though is that it makes me have to move my arms and legs and I get very uncomfortable. Not sure if it's just me or if other people know what I'm talking about.

    thehairyllama Well-Known Member

    Yeah the only thing I didnt enjoy was the crazy limb spasms..I literally could not sit still with out have a seizure like spasm to get the over stimulated part of my body to stop..I took 500mg and didnt hallucinate a bit =\ should try 1000mg next time.

    CaseyJay Member

    Kay, so , i know this thread is like really old, but i wanna share my story. This shit can be suicidal when you take enough. but yeah, so Im 15, ive had sleeping problems for a few years now and i use just about anything to sleep, thats how i had the benedryl, DPH hci, 25mg pills. I kept a purse that i had dumped bottles of them in in my room for whenever i needed them cause my mom would try and hide them cause i kept telling her i need 6 for it to work. Anyway, shit went down and i ended up taking three handfuls of benedryl, locked myself in my room and went to bed. (( note that i had been starving myself for 2 days up to this, so i was empty stomach and dehydrated, so my sideeffects were probably so bad because DPH dehydrates you a lot on its own, and i was way dehydrated to begin with. && also note i never knew benedryl would have side effects, i figured itd just make me sleep for a few days, sounds stupid but i was having a breakdown so it made sense in my head, never intended for the following to happen. )) but, maybe an hour later, im in my moms bed. I hardly have any memory of what happend. apparently i was sleep walking. (( all of this happend from like, 12 a.m. to 5 a. m. , still dark out. ))

    What My Mom Saw Happen: My mom told me that i kept going in and out of her room, getting in and out of bed. she said that i kept waking her up because i was talking. after waking her up from talking about 3 times, she said that i woke her up agaain, shaking her & freaking out saying that there were ants everywhereee. (( FYI, ive had baddd experiences with ants and i absolutely hate bugs, they creep me out. which explains why i had these hallucinations. )) She said she told me to shuttup, so i walked out. Then, she said that when she tried to go back to sleep, she heard me talking out in the living room. she said she watched me, and i was shaking , babbling, not speaking real words just like mumbleing really fast, and then id holler out a random word or name and point somwhere, or move somwhere. She assumed i was on some kind of drugs, so she locked her door & got dressed, then came back and tried to ask me what i took. She said that i couldnt speak , i was stuttering and running out of breath after every word i said, and i was shaking really bad. She said that i kept pointing to the kitchen floor, trying to say ' mom ohmg ! look at the floor theres ants everywhere ! '" , but there werent any. So, she grabbed me and put me in the car and took me to the hospital. She said that on the way there, i was freaking out pointing at the floorboard saying, "mom no please stop theres a snake or something crawling up the seat !!" she said that she kept yelling saying that it wasnt there but i kept on insisting it was. so once we parked, i was freaking saying that i couldnt getout because the snake would get me, so she had to get out, walk to my side of the car, and run her hand on the floorboards and seat to prove that nothing was there so id get out of the car. Once we got in the hospital, in the room, me in the bed, she said that i was still insisting that there were ants everywhere. But, even so, the nurses came in and said that my heartrate was so fast that they were surprised it didnt burst. I was severely dehydrated. They put IV's in me and pumped fluids. My mom said that she kept telling me to stop hallucinating because theyd send me to the crazy house, so i stopped talking, My mom said the nurses were accusing me of trying to commit suicide. I kept insisting i didnt. asked me what i took & how much i took. etc. We ended up staying in the hospital for a few hours . Then went back home. As far as she knew, i had stopped hallucinating...

    What I Remember : First off, the whole i kept waking her up thing, thats so not how i remember it, even though im sure thats how it really went. But, first thing i remember is being in her bed. I dont remember walking there, i dont remember waking up there, dont even remember laying down. i simply remember me talking, i thought i was talking to her the whole time, im not sure if i really was cause i dont remember what i was saying, but i remember that mom , like 3 times , kept waking up, jumping up and jerking her head toward me with this crazy scared expression on her face, slurring loudly "what?! who're you talkin to ?! whats goin on ohmg?!" as if the friggin marines were breaking in her bedroom window, & all i know is that it caught me off guard & scared the crap out of me everytime she did it, so i kept getting pissed off saying "ohmfg mom chill the eff outt, i was talking to youuu but apparently you were asleep." even though i didnt really know, those were the words that came out my mouth. But yeah, the third time she did it was when i was freaking out about the ants, she was half asleep and didnt believe me.
    But i dont remember anything after complaining about the ants. I dont remember getting out of her bed, walking out of her room, anything. The next thing i remember is that im standing in the kitchen and mom looks super pissed and shes shaking me and questioning me asking me what drugs i was on. When i tried to answer her was when i realized that something was wrong. I opened my mouth to say idfk , but all that came out was like, a choked breath,
    only way i can explain how i felt right then is the way you feel when you come up from water after being under way after you already let all your breath out and started to panic cause you have no more oxygen but couldnt go up for air, except instead of breathing in when you come up, having the same exact feelings, but breathing out..seems impossible right? but thats how it felt, impossible, almost painful, migrane triggering.
    It was the worst feeling, but i didnt understand, i didnt know why i couldnt talk; i tried to swallow, there was no saliva at all, i couldnt even pull my tounge back or out, then i realized that my tounge was so dry that it felt like gravel or bricks scraping against the roof of my mouth, my teeth, when it barely touched my lips, was when i realized that my lips were so dry , the skin was hard and cracking and falling off, i tried to rub my lips together, i didnt have the energy or the brainpower to pull my hand up, so i kept rubbing them together, idk if it peeled off or not, but i remember feeling as if it kept coming back, never ending.. So, after i gave up on that, i realized that my heart was thumping so loud and hard and fast that i could feel it throughout my whole body , from my head to my feet, it was so intense that i was wobbling, shaking.
    And the whole time that im having this short mental realization that really only lasted like a few seconds, my mom was still shaking me and questioning me. So i tried to answer, but i couldnt even finish one word without being out of breath, like, "Mohhhh......" it seemed like the word fell into a friggin black hole the second the first syllyble left my lips, and my head kept dropping forward, while im still trying to say "mom" , my heads fallen forward so that i see the floor. and there were ants EVERYWHERE. i mean, i almost fell over trying to touch my mom and get her attention, the whole time still trying to get one word out, pointing at the floor, holding myself up with my hand on her shoulder, and finally i make myself stuttor out , real slow , feeling like my stomach is dropping everytime i get a word out, "mom ants". (( & im pretty sure that whole kitchen scene only lasted like 2 minutes or less )) .
    Then, next thing i remember is sitting in the passenger seat, staring at the floor , I dont remember getting in the car, dont remember her starting it, dont even remember the car moving. All i remember is sitting in the seat, my knees pulled up to my chest as far back as i could get, staring at the floorboard, seeing this black thing, as thin as a noodle, long as a garden snake, with no eyes, but i could see the mouth, itd open and close slowly, it was moving slowly. Then i see another one, farther away closer to underneath the dash than to the edge of my seat, and i couldnt stop staring , praying that it wouldnt make it, then i remember my moms there, so i try to tell her what im seeing, then i freak out in my head cause idk what shes saying or if shes paying attention, but i cant move or point or touch her because im afraid that itll make the snake come at me quicker, so i start attempting to yell, without moving or looking away from the ground, "mom look !! snake ! mom !" over and over, til she reached her hand down and waved it in front of my seat, idk if she was talking at all , but when her hand replaced the snake, it threw me off. cause it simply vanished. replaced by a gray rug with a black CD case , lit up by either the moon or the car light idk. But then she took her hand away and everything went dark, the rug and case vanished and the snakes were back.
    Then i dont remember anything up until im laying in the hospital bed with IV's in my arms, im seeing ants coming from under the sheets, all over the matress, and my moms saying, "casey stoppit, theres nothing there, you keep it up and there gonna put you away, so you better quit." . so i stop. then mom slowly starts to kinda fade out from the chair she was dozing off in across the room, and this girl that i had in Gym class , dont even remember her name, hardly ever even acknowledged her in class, pops up out of nowhere. Right on the side of my bed opposite my mom, and i freak out, i remember whispering "ohmg what are you doing here??" and i vaguely remember her talking to me for a while, dont remember the words, then the door to my hospital room starts to open and its like i instintly snap back to reality. my mom comes back into view. and the nurse comes over to me and asks me, "are you okay now? do you remember what you took? how much? suicidal? " etc. and i answered, my mouth wasnt dessert dry anymore. Then thats all i remember at the hospital. i dont recall getting up, walking out, getting in the car, driviing home, none of it.
    Next thing i know , im sitting on the couch in the living room, watching tv , dunno where moms at. But i look down, and i see creepy, foot long catipillars, crawling right next to my leg on the couch, and im about to freakout, but then i remember what my mom said about putting me away , and so i just stand up and walk to my room.
    When i get to my room, i hear giggles, and i automatically think its my cousins Haze Asia and London, so im looking around my room, calling out there names, then i look out my door to the room directly down the hall, and i see Hazes head running toward the closet, out of site. So, all of a sudden im playing hide and seek. I run down the hall, hearing giggling, i get in there, and im calling out for haze, looking everywhere, then, i look out the door, and i see Haze crawling underneath my bed. And im thinking, 'how the hell is that possible he was just in here'. So i run down the hall to my room and shut the door behind me, thinking that now theres no way he could run away again, and i look under my bed, around my room. and hes nowhere. even the giigles are gone. Then my sister walks in the room, had just gotten home, and asked what was wrong. And so in my head, im like, ohmg i cant tell her that i just hallucinated our cousin playing hide and seek. So i just say im goin to bed, and then i lay down & close my eyes.
    And thats it. Dont remember falling asleep. Feels like i dreamt everything. Until i woke up, and my mom starts telling me what i had put her through that night.

    So yeah. Was a creepy, so not fun experience. Im sorry that its so long, i get into detail. its just, the memory of that night seemed like an eternity to me.

    But tbh, wasnt enough to keep me from doing it again.

    i overdosed again a few nights ago. I was hoping for my heart to stop in my sleep, but instead, i got in the shower, sitting on the ground, for idk how long, then out of nowhere hearing my mom screaming that i had 30 seconds to get out. and i try to scream out OK, but my words are how they were that other night. so i start freaking thinking that if my mom hears me speak shes gonna know i did it again and put me away. so i try to stand up, but when i reach my hand out and lean forward, i hit my head on the glass around the shower, and start shaking. But, knowing that my mom might catch me, shakily & slowly i get on my hands and knees, then slowly reach up for the water handle, and manage to drag myself up and turn the water off. Then its like, deathly quiet. Im looking at the fogged up glass of the shower walls, and i start to see faces form and move, i almost freakout, but then i realize that im hallucinating , so i hurry and stagger out. when i put a towel on, i hear my phone get a text, and i check it and its my bestfriend . I had texted her something, i thought i texted it perfectly fine, even though the whole time i was texting i felt like gravity was falling ontop of my body, so i was staring at the screen texting shakily and slowly, all while the top part of my body is slowly bending forward, i forgot to stay straight, so i just fall to my knees & just think, screwit, and crumple to the floor, eyes feeling heavy and sunken in, almost a painful numb feeling. Then my friend texts me back saying "...what?" and im thinking, 'wtf you mean what i was perfectly clear'. but then im thinking that its someone else on his phone, so i think the sentences in my head, staring at the screen on my knees in the bathroom texting, and my body starts leaning forward again. after i hit send, im telling my body to straighten up again, but my head hits the outside of the shower, so im slowly pulling my hand up against gravity , trying to reach for the glass to push my head off, and i end up looking at the glass, seeing the heads start to form in the glass again. so i close my eyes and look down. my friend texted me back, and now he says, "..stop drinking girl" and im thinking, wtf . but i dont get to text back and ask what he means cause i hear my moms voice again, shes banging on the door saying i have 30 seconds. so i shove my phone in my mouth, get on my hands and knees, slowly crawl to a chair and pull myself up , towel on, then i open the door and walk into her room, then the living room. Shes not there. No lights were turned on, and the tv was still on when usually she turns it off. In other words, i completely hallucinated her the whole time. so im freaking out, and i hurry into my room, hearing whispers , and knowing that if i look anywhere for long enough im gonna see something thats not there, so i keep my light on, shut my door, turn on the tv, and fall onto my bed, eyes closed, focusing on the tv sounds, and end up falling asleep really fast. When i woke up, it was the next day and my tv was off, light off, sun up. Just happy that i didnt sleep walk that time, and that my mom didnt try to talk to me. But i check my phone, and i go to the convo i had with my friend that night, and i see why he thought i was drunk. What i thought i had texted as complete senetences had really looked like, "kdlao ksief wski see laos tape" & "lsa; n o al sdot " . Still creeps me out. The memory of gravity feeling so much stronger , its hard to shake.

    But, those are my experiences. Not wise to eff around with this stuff ; atleast not on an empty dehydrated stomach and stressed out mind.

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    Deliriants are bad drugs to mess with. Too bad people will keep ignoring that bit of wisdom.

    stickyicky666 Active Member

    weeds never done me wrong

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