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Dec 2012 who has the best deal on autos ? frrebies etc.

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by u2seek42, Dec 2, 2012.


    u2seek42 Member

    Need to prep for my first grow don't ya know.
    Could use an exp guide.
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    Attitude will have 10 freebies per order next weekend. Im not sure how their prices on autos compare to others. But the majority of the freebies will likely be feminized photoperiods. Still lots of free beans.

    aCiDjEsUs Well-Known Member

    Dan, yeah but I think 5 of those beans will be reg. but still free bean is a free bean ;)

    I used attitude twice, but this time I think I'll check Sea of Seeds out, they'll have 20% off their prices plus they got more freebies with each order you make and on top of that they look a bit cheaper then attitude, with SoS you get 6 free beans with every order no matter how much you spend, so like I said I'll be ordering some beans from them this time just to check them out, they look legit and shit so why not ;)
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    really? ill check out sos then. ive seen their site but didnt order or look too carefully.

    aCiDjEsUs Well-Known Member

    Yeah Dan I was surprised my self by the amount of freebies they give away with each order, I was kinda sceptical about them, but after reading many positive reviews and seeing that they are legit I'll give it a go when the 20% off promo kicks in on dec. 6th.
    technical dan

    technical dan Active Member

    put in rollitup for another 11% off.

    Looks like I might do an order from both. Some landrace sativa from sos much better price than tude $25 vs $38 for a 3 pack of fems. but sos is out of cbd auto seeds ($5 less at sos than tude), and sos doesnt have the pick n mix, Id like to get a couple barneys lsd but not a 5 pack (smallest sos has, just a few dollars less than tude). So perhaps 2 orders and a shit-ton of freebies.

    But you are correct overall better prices at sos.

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