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Crossfit growers, Cup winners grow!!

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by Crossfitgrower, Jan 30, 2013.


    Crossfitgrower Member

    :leaf:Hey everyone decided to document my newest grow and get some input on it

    So the question your all wondering whats he growing?!?!

    The cup winners that ive just started are 2 OG#18, 1 Super Lemon HaZe, 1 Pineapple Chunk,2 Headband Sour Kush and 1 LSD

    The non cup winners im also growing along with them are 1 Critical #47, 1 Mango, and 1 Northern Lights Blue(automatic)

    So heres the run down on whats transpired so far

    Started Germing using paper towel method all seeds but NLBA this past saturday night
    within 36 hours 8 out of 9 seeds had healthy root tails ready to be put in soil
    the seed that didnt and still hasnt popped is one of my Sour kush seeds tonight will make it four days snce i started germing it its not moldy ive checked on it repaced paper towel etc im really hopng it sprouts its tail overnight if not i will begin to lose hope for it and will be really bummed out Headband is supposed to be an amazing strain and really wanted to have 2 going so ill keep this updated on the state of this seed hopng for the best

    I also started germinating a Northern Lights Blue automatic seed, ive worked with autos before i had this seed lying around and with the SK seeed not germing yet its like an insurance policy and hey ill have some finished medicine in 8-9 weeks so i figured why not so ill keep this updated on this seed as well

    Ahhh onto the 8 seeds that germinated

    7 of the 8 seeds have popped and are looking good its been 48 hours since they were put in soil and the last one im waiting on is Super Lemon Haze which im REAALLY hoping pops its a strain ive never worked with or had and have always wanted to so i got one seed to try it germed nicely now im just waiting for it to break the soil so i can stop stressing about it, will update as soon as something happens with the SLH hopeful

    I had the seedlings under a 40w LED while they sprouted for the first 48 hours and have switched them to my 400w HPS which i have running at 250W approximately 2.5 feet from the seedlings which are sealed with seran wrap over the top of the 6" pots probably take them off tomoro morning

    Thats all for now hope you all like what you hear and follow my grow any questions or advice is welcomed and ill keep this updated as frequently as theres new information and will be adding photos soon as well:weed:

    Crossfitgrower Member

    So lets start with some good news, last night i got a bit curious why the Super lemon haze was taking so long to pop so i gently moved some of the top soil and the seedling seemed to be stuck sideways under a little clump of dirt so i moved the clump to expose the seeding a bit and now this morning shes standing up straight and greening up nicely so i am STOKED about that

    The not so good news my Headband Sour Kush seed that hadnt germed for 3 and a half days is now at 4 and a half days and still no root tip shooting out i check t daily no mold or anything wierd looking i guess ill let it go for the full week before i give up on her,

    I checked on my latest addition to the grow which is the Northern lights blue automatic that i started germing yesterday, no signs of it sprouting its root tip yet but it hasnt even been 24 hours so i imagine itll sprout its root overnight and should be ready to go into soil by tomoro

    The 8 plants that are under my dimmed 400w to 250w are looking good all touching the seran wrap wanting to grow up and out so ill be tearing a small hole in each of their seran wrap humidity dome so the seedling it self can get through to the air but it will also still keep a humid enviroment for their soil and root system which ill probably keep till they are a week old then on their own

    Thats it for now i continue to keep this updated daily and as always any comments questions or advice welcomed

    Crossfitgrower Member

    Day 3

    Seedlings looking good hoping to see a bit more vigor out of the super lemon haze in shooting up a bit and getting those first little leaves out so hopefully she gets in gear, the other 7 seedlings are a day older than her and are doing well one issue in the closet that im starting them in before i rebuild my flowering room the closets humidity is at a constant 25% so i put a vicks vaporizer in the closet which got it to about 30% and with them being so young i want the humidity higher until they are at least one week old.

    My solution was using seran wrap and a cross bar over the top and i basically drape a long sheet of seran wrap over the bar creating a bit of a humidity tent with the vicks vaporizer in it as well the humidity is definately up with spots for it to escape as well my Thermometer hygrometer is kind of funky right now with the temps and humidity but its been reading between 40 and 65% humidity so i opened it up a bit the goal being to keep the seedlings in a 50-55% humidity enviroment untill theyre a bit stronger at least a week but the tent seems to work well and with my 400w hps about 2.5-3 ft above them i dont think lack of light will be any problem

    Update on my germinating Northern Lights blue automatic- This morning when i checked on her she had a nice healthy root tail shooting out so i put her in a 6" pot and soil misted heavily with water and covered top of pot with seran wrap, i imagine she will pop tomorrow so ill keep it posted on her status, and for anyone wondering what soil im using its Happy frog organic potting soil

    Crossfitgrower Member

    gr.jpg This is a pic after i set up the seran wrap humidity tent over the 9 seedlings

    gr3.jpg This is a pic of the closet before i put the humidity temp over it

    Crossfitgrower Member

    gr2.jpg So the seran wrap tent was kind of a bitch to worrk with i totally forgot i had 2 plastic humidity domes, I just didnt think it would be big enough to get over aall the plants, when i tried it out it fit perfectly over the 8, 6" pots and with the small fan blowing into the vent holes at the top humidity is sitting between 50-55 right where i want it!

    Crossfitgrower Member

    Okay so onto day 4 7 seedlings looking strong one problem i had was some mold on the top soil from too much humidty.....go fgure...So i scraped any remnants i could find and will let them dry out nicely and took their seran wrap off so i dont think ill have anymore problems with it, my super lemon haze unfortunately is not looking strong just small sickly and week so im really bummed about the fact that odds are i will have to wait until my next grow to try super lemon haze again because i am extremely tight on funds right now. My goal was to have at least 8 seeds going and with sour kush still not germinating and super lemon haze not looking to good i only have 7 if i lose the haze......But my Northern lights blue automatic which I put in soil yesterday popped
    this morning so ill keep the seran wrap over it for at least a day while it grows upward but im feeling good about it and it will give me 8 plants if my SLH indeed doesnt make it

    gr4.jpg Heres the pic i took this morning you can see the little seedlings Far left almost offscreen is the Northern lights blue auto that just popped and the sickly Super lemon haze is far bottom left hoping for a miracle and she pulls thru...weel see

    Crossfitgrower Member

    day 6
    Unfortunately my Super lemon haze seedling did not make it so im definately bummed i have to wait till the next grow cycle to rety it,
    All remaining seedlings looking good through day 6 healthy uniformed growth, watered them yesterday no reoccuring top soil mold which im happy about, The northern lights blue automatic seedling is looking great growing its first little set of true leaves still has the ceran wrap cover over the pot but that comes off in the mornin, so i have 8 total seedlings right now will keep any info on them updated
    gr5.jpg Heres the most recent pic of the girls

    albert111 Well-Known Member

    everything set few months from this day you going to be smoking some fine medsbongsmilie

    Crossfitgrower Member

    Thanks man thats definately the plan, lookin to harvest the Auto around march 31st, and start cutting some of the big girls around 4/20 as well as starting 8-10 more seeds to begin vegging around week 4 flowering for this crop so the goal is to keep it prepetual and build up my patient clientelle come summertime

    Crossfitgrower Member

    Day 7
    Seelings in there 7th day of life already tomorrow they will be a week old and the northern lights blue auto is on her 4th day of life theyre starting to actually look like plants i personally do not like the seedling stage its stressful when when you spend alot on seeds and this one wont germ or that one wont pop or this ones dieing so im happy that theyre all getting through this stage pretty well so far apart from their fallen sisters SLH and SK but this means more space and light for the remaining 8 girls. once they hit that 2 week mark i often find myself just staring at my plants and lose track of time...Its exciting another grow journey has begun what obstacles or surprises will i have to deal with on my goal to producing the finest organic MMJ.......One week it now it starts getting exciting:weed:

    Heres some pics one of all the girls and a further shot to present their current temporary setup
    gr6.jpg gr7.jpg
    Comments questions advice always appreciated hope you all follow the grow cycle

    albert111 Well-Known Member

    autos are good for rapid smoke and if you find a nice looking girls from the photo plants i suggest you keep a few as a mother for clones faster for supply patients mature plants all time and steady genetics

    Crossfitgrower Member

    For this crop i really need everything i can get out of these 8 plants for myself and to be able to invest in my grow more hopefully move to a bigger spot when my flower room is built will be 4-4.5ft wide 7ft horizontally on one side 6ft on the other side and about 8 ft in height kind of wierd i know but i have a giant wood bookshelf on one side that takes up some space so its a foot shorter on one side but i figure it can house 10-12 plants i will also have a 2'3"x2'x8'height veg room so i can have plants ready all the time which ill have a 125w grow CFL with a reflector should cover the 2x2 nicely any genetics i like im going to buy the seeds and grow them again OG #18 is the only one ive grown and it was probably my favorite MJ of all time so i already know that strain is gold, Super lemon haze will be tryed again in 7 weeks really pumped try LSD ive bought seeds before and killed them all trying a new germ seedling strategy with root cubes NEVER again hoping it blows me away

    Crossfitgrower Member

    Day 8 Theyre officially a week old with the exception of the northern lights blue auto hey spend about 50% of time in the humidity dome and the other half with it off and the small 6" fan blowing on them to stengthen up the stems and make sure theyre getting plenty of fresh air.
    Heres a couple of the most recent pics
    gr8.jpg gr9.jpg

    Crossfitgrower Member

    Day 10
    The seedlings are looking good all contnuing to show good growth they are now on theyre 10th day of life been keeping the humidity dome on at night when the lights go off and keep them out in the air 70% of the time the lights are on because the humidity drops below 20% when theyre in the dome its about 40-45% humidity but a little warmer around 82-83 degrees
    The Northern lights blue auto is small but growing good getting bigger every day and getting new sets of leaves, shes currently on her 7th day of life a week old tomoro.
    On monday i will be switching their lighting from 250wSL to 400w heres some pics of the girls one from yesterday and one from today
    gr10.jpg Day 9
    gr11.jpg Day 10
    As usual any comments welcomed ill keep it updated:weed:

    Crossfitgrower Member

    Day 12
    All plants loooking good growing everyday, humidity remains low when i have the fan on them the temp sits between 79-85 degrees right now in the closet which theyll be in only for another 10 days until i build the flowering room which will be 7x4x8 whith some extra space here and there due to concave proportions of the room. The oldest 7 plants will be 2 weeks old tuesday morning and the northern lights blue auto is 8 days old and is small but growing daily and im sure it will take off any day now but looks healthy green and getting its first set of 3 pronged leaves they will be watered later today the planned veg time for these girls is 4 weeks and then they will be switched to 12/12. I have not started using theyre organic nutrrients yet from general organics but will probably start light feedings around week 3. Here are some pics of the ladies
    gr12.jpg Overhead
    gr15.jpg showing side profile & height
    gr13.jpg 2 OG#18 on the left side,LSD(bottom),Pineapple chunk(top) on the right
    gr14.jpg Top left Mango, Top right Sour Kush aka Headband, bottom left Critical #47, bottom right NLB automatic

    Crossfitgrower Member

    Day 15 PLants growing nicely varying ages between 15 and 16 days old, the smallest one is about 12 days old.
    Building their new flowering room next week along with a veg room for when i start new seeds also ill be keeping my Northern lights blue automatic in the veg room which will be 2x2' with a 150w HPS over the auto, heres some pics of the girls
    gr18.jpg theyve been moved around so if u want to know which are wich just let me know anyway these are the girls goin strong

    Crossfitgrower Member

    So its been a little over 2 weeks since ive updated
    Once the girls hit 3 weeks old i transplanted them all into 5 gallon air pots "root pouch" with handles and after a few days of good growth gave a nurient feed and dumped a gallon between the 7 plants the 8th got a different feeding for a different deficiency anyway they had already been overwatered to begin with(a mistake i have never made in any of my grows a truly rookie mistake by a saavy grower so then after the drooping for a few days the yellowiing from the bottom up happened and i knew i had badly overwatered them and the garden was stunted for about 5-6 days of little to no growth they finally seem to be turning around, plucked a few of the small dead leaves from the bases of the plants which didnt bother them at all and they started to show new growth again thank fuck. but were not out of the woods yet, on my critical 47 the yellowing from the bottom up is probably the worst started in on the 3rd set of leaves im hoping its stopped a bit hard to tell at this point so im keeping a close eye on it, also my oldest og 18 which stretched and had stunted growth has a different type of yellowing from the outside of the leaf inward staring bright yellow then some brown spots like i said with the critical its hard to say if its stopped or slowly advancing so ill just be keeping a close eye on it, lastly is my pineapple chunk which ive been trying to get a healthy green since about 10 days old its haviing some slight slow yellowing from the top up but im chalkng that up to overwatering at this point its getting darker green slowly but i just havent got it to match the others yet my guess was a nitro deficiency on her so i gave a full feeding when i douched my garden while the other girls got 1/2 strenght feedings

    Hopefully ive turned a corner in this grow and things begin to smoothe out and get better theyre in day 2 of flowering switched to 12/12 the other day not to mention i built a 7x4x8 grow room with a closet extension for extra plants or when i buy my co2 generator
    anyway ill put some pics up soon so you can see the setup and the recovering girls

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