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Cooking Edibles Dosing Amounts And Temperatures Explained (MUST KNOW)

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by DavidBriggs, Sep 10, 2010.


    DavidBriggs Active Member

    I created these lists to help when choosing amounts and temperatures for cannabis cooking and titration

    This guide helps show what happens at certain temperatures so that you do not cook off any THC or fail to infuse

    Degrees Fahrenheit/Celsius Use Science in short

    220 F /105 C Potency Preparation Decarboxylation occurs to its greatest potential

    325-350 F / 160-175 C Cooking Bonds THC to fatty molecules

    350-390 F / 175-200 Vaporizing and smoking THC boils/vaporizes from the plant material and becomes airborne

    Obviously the list below is relative, if your recipe calls for one oz of leaves and trip you can substitute 1/4 oz of Kief, if however it calls for 1 oz of stems and leaves you know to substitute with 1/8 oz kief or hash

    Extraction Material Equivalents Mild Potency Strong potency
    Stems and Leaves 2 OZ 4 OZ
    Leaves and Trim from Buds 1 OZ 2 OZ
    Regular Cannabis Buds 1/2 OZ 1 OZ
    Powerful Cannabis, Kief, or Hash 1/4 OZ 1/2 OZ

    Salted versus Unsalted Butter for cannabutter
    (Salted butter is good for cooking and stove top applications reaching higher temperatures as the Salt raises the boiling point. Unsalted butter is better for baking and sauces cooked at lower temperatures)

    Never microwave Cannabis, it changes the molecules behavior and the effects can be unpredictable, often demolishes potency.

    LoS3r Member

    Nice thread!ty I have a few question's about cooking time. how long would you cook for Decarb. I use a croc pot for my budder (on low) how long should I cook budder for. I usally cook for 8-12 hours great results. Would I want to Decarb. my material before I Cook? thanks in advane for reply.

    DavidBriggs Active Member

    It is a very quick and easy process to bake the cannabis at 220 degrees Fahrenheit on tin foil for 30-60 minutes. I would suggest doing it in most cooking applications however the crock pot which works over such a long period of time (and works so well) may not need this. I would try it and see if you notice any difference.

    DavidBriggs Active Member

    On second thought and upon further research I would say 200 Fahrenheit for only 15 minutes instead

    ewether Member

    I was curious if anyone has ever tried a quick ice bath agitation with the herb in a crock pot. As anyone who has made bubble hash knows, an ice bath agitation is a marvelous way to remove all of the trichomes, and only requires a small amount of water. I just finished a butter-batch and used a cake mixer on low speed for 10 min in the crockpot with plenty of ice. Frothy Trichome-rich foam was left, to which I added 1lb of butter, and finished as normal, pouring off the water from the canabutter brick. Very Potent....Any thoughts if this helps/hinders process?

    a9ymous Well-Known Member

    ewether: your q makes me wonder how long does it take for the trichomes to dissolve into the butter (or oil) normally? or are they really just breaking off with heat and agitation during stirring?

    DavidB: on decarbing before simmering, i thought the purpose of decarb was to convert the thc before bonding. do you think on low-heat simmers it may be converted during the cooking process before it ends up bonding?

    Also thanks for this thread, I haven't done much of this but apparently had been decarbing too high. Will follow these temps carefully on my next batch (coconut oil).

    a9ymous Well-Known Member

    Another question, I am making a vegetable glycerin tincture today. Would the same bonding temp of 325-350f apply there too? I'm using a recipe that recommends 175f crockpot temp but now I'm wondering if that will do it.

    DavidBriggs Active Member

    I wrote a vegetable glycerin extraction recipe, here is the link, it should answer your questions. http://www.papakief.com/2010/09/vegetable-glycerin-thc-extract-like.html

    Yes, the actual process of what happens is very confusing but the transfer from THC to THC-A is what we want to happen. If you cook for a long period of time, decarb is not necessary but if you are adding some cannabis to a short cooked meal like adding it to meatballs or tossing it into brownies, the decarb is a very important aspect of the process to attain the highest possible potency.

    Hope this helps!

    1luckydog Member


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