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Cooking Bud In Microwave For Snack?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by MrSensi, Jan 28, 2008.


    MrSensi Active Member

    I've heard about cooking some bud on a cracker with some cheese or some other combos in the microwave and coming up with some tasty potent snacks. Anybody actually know anything about this? Is it possible? Any recipes or suggestions? Looking for people who know, not I think you can do this or that.

    thanks dudes

    starchland Well-Known Member

    they are called leary cakes...after timothy leary. however I never could get it to work. I would put some cheese on a cracker and then put some green on top and put it in the microwave until the cheese was bubbling...but it never worked for me. Im thinking I didnt get it hot enough to release the thc into the oils of the cheese. not sure...let us know how you do it

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    This is the nick-n-dime smoker's alternative to smoking, and it totally works! Unfortunately, most people use the microwave, but that's a big mistake; remember, cannabis is something to be worshipped and delicately cared for, not bombarded with free radioactive radicals. It can work, but not as efficiently as the way I'm about to tell you, because of the risk of weed getting vaporized in the process.
    Remember, THC is fat soluble, meaning it will bond to the fatty acids in ANYTHING- absolutely-mother-fucking anything. So, you can cook cannabinols into peanut butter, milk, soy milk, beans (my dad makes a mean green chili), butter, and any form of cooking oil (hemp, olive, coconut, etc.).
    I know you just want the bare facts, but there's loads of misinformation out on the Internet, and it took me five years to be really knowledgable about cooking with marijuana. I think it should be easier than that, so I'm giving you all this in the hopes that you can come up with cannabis products of your own invention, and further colour our fine subculture. The following works with peanut butter.
    1) MAKE "CANNAFLOUR": Using a coffee grinder or, in larger amounts, a hemp grinder or blender, blend as much marijuana as it would take to get you pretty decently high. This amount depends entirely on what type of weed you're packin, so use stuff that you've smoked before, so that you don't misestimate. Distribute what you've got into a small bowl or shot glass. PS- make sure you check the sides and bottom of whatever you used to grind the weed. There should be a lot of dust-like residue from sticky buds and crystals that refused to just pour out. Using your finger, scoop all that yummy crystal in with the rest of the dope. It may not be much, but this stuff is PRIME for THC extraction, and you won't regret spending a couple minutes collecting it. Practice makes perfect here.
    2) PREHEAT: ... oven to 330ºF.
    3) MIX: While the oven's preheating, mix about an equal amount of peanut butter in with the cannaflour. Use your fingers to manipulate the big ol mess so that the cannaflour particles are pretty much evenly distributed. Assuming the bowl is oven-safe, put the mixture in the oven once it's preheated.
    4) WAIT: ... anywhere from half an hour to three hours. The longer it spends in there, the more potent and healthy, but never heat it any longer than twenty hours.
    5) Spread on a cracker, or whatever you like to do with peanut butter. I make a mean peanut butter sauce that I use in my stir-fries, so I'm getting high off Thai stick in Thai cuisine ^_^ Have fun!
    EXTRA NOTE) I've read that consuming soy lecithin and/or turmeric at the same time increases the effects noticeably. I haven't gotten to try this out yet, but I'm planning on it tonight, so I'll let you know how that turns out.

    starchland Well-Known Member

    ty for the info. so 1/2 hour is enough? what determines how much thc is released? how long it is in the oven?

    I think it was not enough heat that got me in the microwave.

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    Chances are, the cannabinols got vaporized because they weren't actually IN the cheese until after they'd gotten to hot. Easy to remedy: melt the cheese first, then mix in the cannaflour with the cheese, just like in my PB recipe above. Again, though, I don't recommend microwaves.. they're made for heating things quickly at ridiculously high temperatures, which is the opposite of how THC should be cooked. If you do use a microwave, my friends make their ghetto cheese in 20 minutes set on medium.

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    I'm totally going into left field with the numbers on this one, but let's say 60% of the THC is released into the peanut butter within the first 10 minutes that it reaches the target temperature. The other 40%/- gets released slowly over the next several hours, kept consistently at that temperature. The longer process also "decarbs" the THC(A), taking out all the unhealthy crap that we potheads like to pretend it doesn't contain.
    Generally, the longer, the better, just under twenty hours. An hour would be really effective, releasing the vast majority of the THC.

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    Oh, and don't forget, cooking releases major vapor trails, stanky stanky! Make sure any anti-MJ authorities are cleared out for a long while after you're done. Personally, I never notice, but that's because my house always stanks of skank.

    starchland Well-Known Member

    ok soudns good back to the drawing board for me.

    also, urban dictionary has no definition of cannaflour...you should add to it!

    starchland Well-Known Member

    yeah sounds good man thanks...ok so cannaflour is just really finely ground green. and also thc(a) is bad...gotta look into that.

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    Yezzir! I'm starting my own THC products business here in Rideau, Ontario. I'm doing really well, and I haven't even unleashed my favorite product yet!
    THCA stands for tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. It contains things that cause cancer and all that crap, lots of bad chemicals. When you smoke it, the THCA evaporates harmlessly, and you only get a trace (under 1%) amount of it into your system. There's lots of ways that people screw up and get this in their systems, though, which is why I'm trying to get my dad to stop eating all my goddamn weed! Fuckin hippy.
    If you ever need any advice in this area, hit me up; I get wierdly obsessed and happy when I talk about it. Pavlov's dogs or some shit.
    As for Urban Dictionary, thanks for the heads up, I'm off to spread the Good News.

    starchland Well-Known Member

    crazy man very cool your in the same province rock on

    starchland Well-Known Member

    do you have a website or anything for your biz?

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    Well, technically speaking, it's highly illegal, but I recently moved here from Philly, and Canada is Canada.......

    Buddy, I think you just gave me a terrific idea.

    Dannydee Active Member

    when you say add enough weed to get you high do you mean the amount of weed you smoke to get you high or the amount of weed u eat to get you high bc i wanna try cooking but ive only ever smoke weed so far

    starchland Well-Known Member

    Canada is Canada everyone is chillin here :mrgreen:

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    As much as you would smoke is the best starting point.

    thelittlevan Active Member

    you might wanna try and add some under the cheese or between cheeses. (you would have to sandwhich the bud in).

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    if that truye leary probably didnt have a microwave he probably did it in the oven

    chocolate Well-Known Member

    there was def microwaves in leary's time..

    Smoke133 Well-Known Member

    Does cooking make your oven smell like weed?

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