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cola Cloning?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by superbeast1219, Jun 23, 2008.


    superbeast1219 Active Member

    ok so a friend of mine brought over a guy from down soulth that was giving me some advice on my crop. he was telling me u can take a cola at like 3 weeks flowering, clone it, trim all the leaves off and just grow a ball of bud. Has anyone ever herd of this befor or ever tried it? i would love to know, i have 2 scraglers right now that would make good test dummies.

    TMB77 Well-Known Member

    by 'clone it', do you mean just cut it off? like, the top foot or so of the plant?

    if so, i'd have to recommend not to do that, but perhaps someone has had luck rooting a cola before and it really works. the delay in lifecycle would be dramatic though, as the roots are forming. you'd have to supply it with a really high humidity environment. you'd have to trim the leaves off because they would all wilt otherwise....basically you'd be left with a stick.

    someone enlighten me?

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    Does not make any sense

    moonbeam Well-Known Member

    well i cloned a col. tok it about 6" long, cut off the biggest set of leaves. this was about 4 weeks into flowering that i took the clone. I just topped my clone and used the top as a new clone so iw will see how that urns out. the clone needs SOME leaves to take in the light but if it has a couple set of leaves you can cut off the biggest set. i wouldnt clone nif your in flowering. the plant is too far along and it could cause stresss and the 2 new cpolas would take too long to grow up right after you cloned it. I would topp btween 2-4 weeks of veg

    roseypanties Well-Known Member

    The No No's Of Growing = Flowering To Vegative Not Good
    Vegative To Flowering= Excellent
    Before 2 Weeks Flowering = Clones That Dont Yield As Much, So
    Only Do This If You Have Too..... If Not, Pacience Is A Virtue (burn That In Your Brain, K?)

    herbologist New Member

    Yes you can clone your cola for a donkey dic-.This is not recommended for beginners as is very tricky to complete.THIS IS HOW.
    Anytime after three weeks into flowering trim off the top cola approx 9-11 inches long.Trim water leaves down by half to cut down water evaporation from new clone,remove lower two inches of cola while scrapping stem to cambium to better accelerate root growth,jell and insert into a filled 16 ounce cup of Sunshine 4 moistened with Advanced nutrient Jump Start.Place seven of these type clones into a clean white bucket,covering top with a clear pot saucer.you need to keep humidity high while heat low inside bucket.I place a high out put fluorescent about four feet over the top of cloning buckets to assure good temperatures for clones.
    I came up with this method in order to clone complete new plants verses small clones.If you have any problems feel free to contact.Herbologist

    TMB77 Well-Known Member

    (points to text above) THIS dude knows how to grow....

    superbeast1219 Active Member

    Is it worth atemting this or just leave it on the plant? I thought it might be cool to do with some of my small cola that arnt verry dence. Ive been growing on and off for 3-4 years and almost a year ago i got some w/w and got a nice mother and have been cloning crazzy ever sence lol. i def aprishate the advice and i am glad to know someone has herd of it befor it makes me feel a little better about trying it.For rooting it i would think it needs 18/6 or 24/0 right? Then after it is fully rooted switch it back to 12/12? and for how long would i flower? 8 weeks maybe. I think im going to try this so any help is great and ill post some pics along the way

    grapeoptimo Well-Known Member

    I am definitely going to try this ha

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