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Co2 controller/ monitor....... which one?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Detroitgrower313, Jun 16, 2011.


    Detroitgrower313 Active Member

    ok, i went to the hydro shop yesterday to check out a new co2 controller/ monitor because as of right now my co2 tank is just running at what i have it set to.i was lookiing at the c.a.p. Ppm-4 but the guy told me not to waste my money because they are junk.he suggested one by i.g.s. (intelligent growing systems) this one cost twice as much so i dont know if he was trying to work me on a higher price or just giveing me good advice. Any opinions on a good working/ fairly priced monitor/ controller?????
    Alex Kelly

    Alex Kelly Active Member

    The C.A.P. works well I have never used the IGS system. I have seen people use sentinels and they worked just fine there are definately some other options out there though. Good Luck.
    bob harris

    bob harris New Member

    Yea..tough choice. It really depends on what you want the thing to do. Some control heat and humidity as well, some only co2...and they are all pricey.

    Dubbz0r Well-Known Member

    I'm using a Sentinel CHHC-4 that controls co2, humidity, heating and cooling devices. You can find them on ebay for about $550, but if you only need to control co2 then definitely get one that controls co2 only.

    Bezy Active Member

    Yea get a all in one, its better then buying everything seperatly. Sentienel's are pricey, but work great. CAP and Titan Controls are both decent brands too.

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    The dude at the hydro shop was putting the squeeze on ya.

    Dubbz0r Well-Known Member

    If he does decide to get the CHHC-4 I would recommend checking out a seller named BulkHydro. You would not believe what I went through to get this damn controller... bulkhydro is the perfect seller of this item.

    puffntuff Well-Known Member

    Ge makes a ppm meter that is cheap and can be converted to the visual cap one for peanuts. Ge makes the cap ppm meters.

    907 Member


    DrFever New Member

    like this one

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    crf450x Member

    I have the ppm-4 it works great and does what i need kicks the bottle on if ppm drops below 1450ppm and kicks off when its 1500ppm in room

    poindexterous Active Member

    I have used various CO2 controllers and would strongly recommend avoiding any with the GE Telair units on them such as the CAP, I've had endless trouble with the three Telair units I've used, they froze up all the time. GE has actually discontinued those so you can't even replace them, not that I'd want to. The hydro store guy is 100% right.

    The IGS and Sentinel units are excellent and easily worth twice any Telaire based unit. My IGS has never failed me. If I bought a new unit tomorrow I'd buy a Sentinel, top quality. Make sure any unit you buy can be user calibrated, all eventually drift out of calibration, and the Telair's can't be user calibrated, they just become garbage.
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    Dubbz0r Well-Known Member

    The Sentinel is simple to calibrate. Just take it outside, press a button and presto, done deal.

    Detroitgrower313 Active Member

    thanks guys. very helpfull.

    budleydoright Well-Known Member

    for about the same price as a ppm4. look at the digigro coco. it has a much better sensor. the ppm4 uses a semiconductor based sniffer. pretty much all others use an NDIR sensor.

    the telaire and cap units are very good if treated with care (they are all fragile). you can put together a calibration tank using your co2 regulator w/adaptor and a small bottle of nitrogen for less than 100 bucks.

    I have had a telaire for 2 years and a digigro for 18 mos or so.

    Be sure to remove them from your room if you vaporize sulpher. It has a bad effect on them.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    mine is called coco or some shit. it cost me but it works. i bought it off ebay

    budleydoright Well-Known Member

    I got mine on ebay as well. pd close to 300 but I see them at 239 now.

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