Chicken Manure?

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    Waiakeauka Well-Known Member

    What form of Chicken Manure is best for Cannabis, regular composted manure or pelletize manure? I know that the pelletize manure cost more but since it is in a pellet form wouldnt you get more of a constant release versus the composted form.

    ClamDigger Active Member

    definitely composted, i compost mine again if i buy it bagged.
    also add Dolomite Lime at 1 cup per cubic foot.
    compost generally holds lots of water to be sure to buy extra pearlite or coco.
    i have heard of using chopped Bird Of Paradise stems as an organic pearlite substitute.
    compost is a great source of microbes so be sure not to use Chlorinated city water, or aerate a bucketfull for 24h.
    Happy Growing!

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