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Chicken droppings

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Marijuanajo, Feb 12, 2008.


    Marijuanajo Active Member

    Hi, I have access to loads of chicken shit! would it be a good additive for my hydro tank ? If so what should I do with it, dilute it in water and add to tank?Any ideas welcome my fellow tokers.:-?

    grandprix8152000 Well-Known Member

    yes chicken shit is very good!

    email468 Well-Known Member

    I've never used chicken shit for anything but would think that any kind of feces in a hydro system would not be good. Clogging, attracting unwanted disease, insects, molds, fungus and just general unsanitary conditions and odor would all be reasons for my not using chicken shit in my hydro system which is in my house.

    I think I'd just stick with good old hydro nutes.

    Marijuanajo Active Member

    Yes all good points, but chicken manure is used a lot by gardeners and I know plants love the stuff, as for insects well not all insects are harmful in fact some are an advantage but I never thought about clogging, perhaps there is a way I could simply extract the nutes from the manure, I suppose I just like to use natural stuff and every time I clean out the chickens I hate throwing away all that useful stuff, I reckon your right though maybe its not the best idea for a hydro set up.

    email468 Well-Known Member

    I don't know - like I said, I've never used it. I just got this thing about chickens...

    kayasgarden Well-Known Member

    no way!!!! Chicken chit is good but it would burn the living shit out of the plants if you put fresh shit in a hydro system. I have never seen chicken shit without lots of straw and such mixed in. I have chickens and use the decomposed shit from a huge compost pile in my veggy garden........... thats alot diffrent than putting shit in a hydro sysem?

    YungMune Well-Known Member

    only good for soil. dont use in in dro system it will create shti loads of bacteria and all kinds of shit.

    Marijuanajo Active Member

    Yeah guys I reckon you are all right, I think I will give the chicken shit a miss.:hump:

    ghostsamurai25 New Member

    Manure other than worm castings need to be composted for a minimum of 2wks before being added to soil. Any less will cause burning. Even worse in a hydro set up.

    psyclone Well-Known Member

    My compost takes a long year! And you are dead right about burning. I would dig it it well into the soil in Autumn, leave it over winter, dig it again in Spring and not put plants in until early June.
    The big thing about Hydro, is the perfect control of balanced nutrients.

    kayasgarden Well-Known Member

    if you add alot of nitro(chick shit) to your pile it will break down faster, grass clippings are great constant turning helps also.

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