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Cannabutter Taste

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by Ralphie, Oct 11, 2007.


    Ralphie Well-Known Member

    if correctly made, how much different should cannabutter taste compared to butter.. i ask this because i want to try using cannabutter in some good dishes that i make which call for butter.. example chicken marsala (ofcourse i wouldnt add it til the end due to heat maybe damaging it)

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i can taste it. when i make chocolate cookies i can really taste it. when i make peanut butter cookies i barely taste it.

    Ralphie Well-Known Member

    damn there has to be a way to minimize the taste.. i made brownies a couple of times and I tasted it every time, then again, not too much, I guess i'll try it on a good dish, i just dont want to ruin a perfectly good peice of meat, but hey how bad can it be

    JonnyBlunt88 Well-Known Member

    Better cannibutter= Stronger taste.

    I can't stand the taste of the last Blueberry Cannibutter
    I made...Gave away some nasty brownies. It produced
    an inexplicable head high...Blah
    I'll stick with hash for now on...

    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    what about water curing your bud before you make the canna butter?

    that would remove lots of that taste, no?

    JonnyBlunt88 Well-Known Member

    Never tried it...I'm done with the whole concept.
    Honestly I'd rather smoke rotted buds than
    taste more of this shiznit...

    GoodFriend Lumberjack


    what the hell did you do to your brownies???????????

    i've never had anything special that didn't taste wonderfully cannariffic....

    you musta messed it up :blsmoke:

    JonnyBlunt88 Well-Known Member

    Never mind...sorry...deleted the pics and didnt notice

    I guess I f'd it up, o well.

    GoodFriend Lumberjack


    oh well:joint:

    JonnyBlunt88 Well-Known Member

    I brought it to boil...
    Simmered some underdeveloped, and some rotted BB buds
    for about 5 hours, then strained them.
    Put this in the fridge over night and ended up with a good
    chunk...just could not stand the smell or taste...

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    GoodFriend Lumberjack

    the rotted bb ruined it

    i'm sure thats it

    and really

    i think water curing it first, before you do the cannibutter (week long prep, i know, but might be a good way to salvage bud... next time atleast) would help remove lots of the bad smell/taste

    JonnyBlunt88 Well-Known Member

    Thanks dude...hopefully your advice is of some use
    to someone planning on making cannibutter.

    I'm done with it...

    gardenandcats Well-Known Member

    I always dry my sugar leave cuttings for a few days then 2 cups of water for every stick of butter.use real butter .I do a pound of butter 8 cups of water and about 1 1/2ozs of cuttings and a shot of good whisky! The whisky will evaporate during the cooking and I find it really helps with the taste. Cook it in a crock pot and cook for 16 hours on middle heat. strain it cool off in the fridge over nite and take out the butter. Then I recook it again this time adding 4 cups of water and cooking 10 hours in the crock pot. This double cooking helps with the taste.. Chocolate chip cookies with White Widow cuttings coming tommorow morning !.

    k1max New Member

    Man I felt like I was on fearfactor Trying to finish my special toast it was horrible but im high as hell now but I won't like to do it again I need to mask the taste how the f can u do that?????
    george xxx

    george xxx Active Member

    There are many people, maybe most who think weed tastes good. Anything cooked with traditional cannabutter tastes like weed or has a just plain bitter taste.
    Don't cook rotted bud it can only produce bad butter.
    Try adding QWISO to regular butter. You can get more potent butter without the nasty weed taste.

    Doobius1 Well-Known Member

    Cannabis tastes like shit to me. I wouldnt want to eat a whole meal of it. you can try separating the ghee from the butter before putting it in the crockpot. the dairy is what holds a lot of the taste but doesnt hold the cannabinoids. i also double wash my butter...that is cool it in fridge, let it separate and then put it in a new pot of clean hot water, mix it up and let it separate a second time. I eat cookies every night to help me sleep. I have done a lot of experimenting and found a simple ginger snap tastes the best. Something about the ginger, cinnamon combo that kills the cannabis flav or at least make it tolerable

    rambo22 Well-Known Member

    if you are using trim or bud then the butter does have a real weedy taste even on a double cook, i recently made a large batch of butter tho with 40g of good hash and you could barely taste anything weedy/hashy.

    i find lemon cake is the best for disguising the flavour, choc just makes it worse imo
    Parappa the rapper

    Parappa the rapper New Member

    I always use honey when I make cannabutter tea and I can barely taste it

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