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Cannabinarium (Pc box/24w astir led panel /hydro dwc)

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by froghunter, Jan 29, 2013.


    froghunter Active Member

    Greetings to all micro-growers :)
    First grow for me after so much waiting and with it comes the journal :fire:.

    Let me talk about my setup first:
    62χ42χ18 Pc box

    Lights 1x24watt Astir led panel shared as
    2 cool whites
    4 neutral whites

    14 warm whites
    4 red 625-640

    For Ventilation
    i use 4 80mm pc fans, 1 for intake, 2 for outflow and 1 blowing at the ladies.

    Growing method
    Deep Water Culture (a food container , which fills with about 1lt of water, with an airpump/airstone system)

    The water i use (and so the nutrients) is from a friends grow. (GHE flora series)
    Currently i don't have tools for PH/EC/humidity and i measure the temperature with a crappy restaurant advertising thermometer :P.
    However as it seems there is no problem with temps and the difference between min/max is about 6-9 degrees . So pretty cool :)

    At first, i adopted a peaky seedling (from seed) and hosted it to the growbox to check if it's working (temperatures etc).
    First picture is the plant when i got it, and second one the plant after 4days. It seemed to like it a lot in there. :-P
    Kanarini 21-1-2013.jpg Kanarini 21-1-2013.jpg

    I got positive data from the setup so it was time for the test plant to leave the area free for 3 new plants (it was the original plan).
    So i received 2 white widow and 1 amnesia lemon female clones.
    Before moving to my box, these clones had already 2 weeks vegging under a 24w Astir led panel (6cw-6nw-10ww-2red).
    Today, they got some lst so they get ready for scrog (it's oneway for a pc box i think :) )

    Here are some photos of the grow. They now run on a 18/6 schedule and about 1,4 EC and 5.5 PH :)
    IMGP0225.jpg IMGP0226.jpg IMGP0227.jpg IMGP0228.jpg IMGP0229.jpg IMGP0230.jpg

    The small lady is the amnesia lemon. It' wont participate to the scrog and i hope there will be some space for it to grow.

    Peace :weed:
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    agios Member

    Good luck mister!

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    Best of Luck,bro ...
    ganja 2

    ganja 2 Active Member

    Good luck bro.............:weed:

    Bluezdude Well-Known Member

    Subbed and rep ;)

    psynobi Member

    good luck frog.

    picolada Active Member

    have a good start FH!

    weedman420gr Active Member

    Now thats an interesting grow...:bigjoint:
    good luck frog!!!

    Love your set-up:clap:

    Piromanis Member

    Good luck my friend..!!
    Εύχομαι να πανε όλα καλύτερα απยดοτι περιμένεις..!!

    froghunter Active Member

    Hello bro-wers (brothers and growers, screw it i'm stoned).
    Hello anyway :)
    I postponed the update of the grow for a few days now, due to some hardware problems, but mostly because of plantware problems (it's a bad habbit of word-creation, but i can't resist :P)
    The three exceptional ladies got a shock from their transport. Beside that, due to lack of measuring instruments, i managed to f**k up everything. Yesterday i calibrated my PH meter and got an EC meter. I found that my PH was around 7.5 :? . EC was around 0.75 which was good. But dat PH kinda destroyed the girls. Lower leaves are almost totally burned, and the new ones seem to struggle (maybe high PH locked the elements). But i'm optimistic (now that i got all the equipment :P )
    Yesterday i changed the water, with the new one being at 0.75EC and 6PH. Temps are still good ,between 22-28C, and moist 25-55% (with some help from a wet piece of paper)
    Anyway, i post the photoz :P
    First pic is the lemon. (In the 2nd and 3d pictures you can see i added the neck of a plastick bottle to the tank, which helps to changing water and receiving water sample).
    I also post 2 photos to see the box from a further point of view (my equipment is also there, asspaper too because i spill water everywhere :P )

    IMGP0290.jpg IMGP0292.jpg IMGP0289.jpg IMGP0295.jpg IMGP0305.jpg

    love :weed:

    froghunter Active Member

    today it's 4 weeks veg for the ladies. 2 at their born-place and 2 in the cannabinarium.
    They look pretty shitty for this time of vegging as i'm noob grower :P
    Anyway, it's time for flowering to slowly begin. From today i start reducing light 45min/1h/45min/1h etc for the next week until i reach 12/12.
    I changed the water, with the new one being at 1,5 EC and 5,9 PH.
    I also cleared some leaves that were totally burned.
    I hope they grow a bit this week and fill some of the "net" :P

    And the pics :mrgreen:

    IMGP0309.jpg IMGP0311.jpg IMGP0314.jpg IMGP0312.jpg IMGP0317.jpg IMGP0308.jpg

    Whackatabacky Member

    Very nice grow you got here, froghunter! :smile:
    I wish I could get my hands on such big PC case... :o

    psynobi Member

    Astir grow rulez.... :weed: :joint: :weed:

    froghunter Active Member

    Weekly update for my babies :)
    Yesterday i changed them water, but cuz of a mistake the water i prepared proved to be of less EC than target.
    During the previous week, the girls kept on with the 1.4 EC water and a descending PH action. New water is 1,3 EC! but tomorrow i will add some extra fert.
    Also 12/12 is on from yesterday and i'm excited :P

    IMGP0472.jpg IMGP0474.jpg IMGP0473.jpg IMGP0476.jpg IMGP0480.jpg

    psynobi Member

    i like micro grows... especially with this beautiful p.c box!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: nice job mate!

    gargantuanganja Well-Known Member

    I'd cut back on the nutes, bro. I wouldn't be giving those plants more than .8 - .9 EC. They look like they're burnin a little

    froghunter Active Member

    They probably do. Iwas thinking of reducing it at 1.1 or smth but wasn't sure (first grow :P)
    I had some underfeeding problems at start and maybe i overdo it a little now.
    Plus i want them to eat as much as they can :)
    Thanx for the advice :)

    gargantuanganja Well-Known Member

    I'm on grow 1.5, so we're pretty much in the same boat. I only got through half of my first grow, so I learned a few things, but it ended abruptly. You're only using 24 watts to grow 3 plants. At only 8watts per plant, I doubt they'll be needing many nutes. If you look at my grow, I'm in flowering and the biggest plant in there (7ft) is only at 500ppm or ~.7 ec. I would reduce your ladies to .5 for a day or two to let them recover. See how they do @ .5 before you start adding more. When I first started, I was like you and I thought more was more. Homebrewer showed me that less is more and it's the best piece of advice I've received so far. And air. The bigger pump you can have for the air stones, the better. If you increase the air flow by 100%, your plant will grow 100% bigger. At least in my experience and most especially in veg.

    froghunter Active Member

    Thnx for sharing your info. I got a quick glance at your grow but didn't have much time to read through all of it. I'll try that thing with with less nutes for a day.
    It's a great tool that hydro offers and i haven't took advantage yet :P I mean it's like a reset button :P

    reku Active Member

    Hey Frog check out my grow it's a DWC in a cabnet http://www.rollitup.org/stealth-micro-cab-growing/587282-my-first-grow-noob-post-5.html I think you can learn from my mistakes.You should spilt those plants into there own containers IMO the roots are all going to grow into one big mess as you will need to change the water at least once a week, also the roots ARE going to grow into your bubble stone unless there is enough room, your res looks deeper than mine so you may be ok. I never checked my PH I read somwhere that if you change the water often it would be ok,my next grow i will be checking it. Good luck!

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