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Can You Order LSD Online Anywhere?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by orangebud, May 3, 2007.

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    orangebud Active Member

    i mean this would be the easiest drug to ship in the mail because it's basically a blotched piece of paper and could never be detected

    i really want to try this drug and was wondering if anyone had any info

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    GraF Well-Known Member

    easy to ship?? possibly

    selling ONLINE?? definatly not

    BaconSquishy Well-Known Member

    Lol good luck i wouldnt count on finding any on the web, its hard enough to find otherwise.

    smkpt Well-Known Member

    lol, that would be pretty cool other then it would probly be alot of $

    orangebud Active Member

    damn that sucks
    just think of how easy it would be to send a little piece of lsd laced paper
    i guess if it is legal anywhere they could sell it out to other countries

    FlipAPenny Well-Known Member

    Stay away from manufactured drugs. Stick to the bud. Go with a higher THC and ride the wave. Seriously though, there's nothing good in the long run with that manufactured crap. You will kill yourself and your personality so fast that you wouldn't even know it until it was too late.

    GraF Well-Known Member

    well thats your opinion I guess, but not everyone feels that way ya know?? I dont, and personally I would think if you didnt like LSD or any other type of man. drug, you wouldnt bother posting in a "manufactured drug" thread

    but thats just how I feel

    eastlosg1 Well-Known Member

    ao he saids Lsd nah , i stick to pure bud only:joint: but shipping it would sound easy

    CCC Well-Known Member

    if you could get lsd online i think everyone would be doing it already

    imsohigh Active Member

    they do not make lsd anymore for the record.

    the new shit is not as good

    also lsd is a liquid and a hit is a peice of paper with a drops of lsd

    im sure they could sell the bottle though

    check amsterdam sites,

    but if you would like to try something similar and maybe a bit easier to come accross (or not, im not sure) you should check out morning glories.
    they have some of the similaritys in the affects and genetic makeup of lsd.

    dont go fuckn up and ruinin your life,

    just kidding,

    i plan on trying some as well.
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    beenthere donethat

    beenthere donethat Well-Known Member

    Why would "they" stop making it, pray tell? And "who" are "they"?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    those who know know. i know who they WERE.
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    SHAMAN Well-Known Member

    The price of the chem's went way up. So it just isn't worth making no more.
    So I hear from people who knew people that talked to a guy that lived next door to an elf or was that a pink elephant.
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    entropic Well-Known Member

    LSD is a dry-crystalline powder in its pure form. To get it on blotter paper you dissolve it in the highest proof alcohol you can find, blotter paper only holds a certain amount so the run-off just falls back in the pan, gloves are required.
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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    look for the dude with the backpack. he's usually somewhere around peoples' park. somewhere on telegraph anyway.
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    muu232 Well-Known Member

    Do you really think they don't make LSD anymore? An average hit of LSD is only like 150-200ug, thats 0.15-0.2mg per hit. But the chemicals are too expensive? 1 gram of LSD is like 5000 hits.
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    LADIES and Gentleman... this thread is walking a fine LINE...


    closing thread -- :)
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