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Can you mix weed with anything?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by jordanhfuller, Mar 26, 2007.


    jordanhfuller Active Member

    Can you mix marijuanna with anything and get a nice high?(cooking/eating).
    Like eggs, grits, rice, fish...hope its not a dumb question

    smkpt Well-Known Member

    i hate to say it but i think this is a dumb ? lol, search around the site

    beensmoking Well-Known Member

    Damn You Are A Real Pothead If Your Gonna Get Up In The Morning And Mix Weed With Your Eggs And Grits!!!!! Lol

    jordanhfuller Active Member

    yeah im high now! been high for about 6hours didnt even finish my freakin joint!!! im hungry

    beensmoking Well-Known Member

    Lol You've Been High For 6hrs Off Half Of One Joint Or Just Been Getting So High All Day That You Could'nt Finish The Last One You Lit Up? Lmao

    jordanhfuller Active Member

    smoked half ajoint 6 hours ago and steal have a crazy high it hasnt faded asf aras i can feel i feel the same crazu high i felt when i first hit it

    cali-high Well-Known Member

    thats cool

    must a been some kills if its like that

    redirasta Well-Known Member

    Make cannibutter, clarify butter by boiling and straining off the white "fatty" looking shit///you should have clear butter, then cook your finely ground weed in the butter,
    for an hour or so on low then filter through coffee filter so that only oil-like substance is left////cool till solid then put it on toast, or grits or whatever, or use in place
    of shortning in brownies, or space cake. don't attempt if you don't have plenty of weed, or nice clippings, about an ounce to a cup (clarified) .////enjoy, but be careful
    people have been known to puke and/or hallucinate.

    Maleachs Active Member

    redirasta knows whats up though i disagree on the weed to butter ratio's i think you can use less than that especially if you have good bud especially

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