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Can I Wire multiple PC fans onto a each other through 4 pin?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by mrrager1, Mar 31, 2011.


    mrrager1 Member


    zunny10 New Member

    Yea, basic soldering or some hot glue would do the trick.

    Shabang Well-Known Member

    if it were me i would cut the 4 pin wire adapter off and connect all the wires from the fans together...then connect that to a 12v adapter...2 fans max tho if there 120mm

    thedude27 Active Member

    They make splitters where you get 2 or more out of 1 4 pin. Hold on, I'll see if I can find one.


    Also, you should just get something like this:


    Here check this one, you can look like a super pimp with your touch screen controlled fan system for $25.


    Touch screen interface

    Five fan control through an intuitive interface
    Ultra fast selection and response time
    Display temperatures in both F and C
    Light switch turns off the meter when sleeping
    Automatic and manual modes of control
    Full compatibility with all types of fans using voltage control
    With a maximum of 10 Watts per channel, the Sentry 2 will support almost all high end fans
    Tuned accuracy with only a tolerance of one degree
    Sound alarm to alert when the temperature is over
    Stored settings, the Sentry keeps your settings even after power off

    also includes your splitting already done.

    I have used one of these in a stealth micro grow before, they are way cool.

    ClosetCoco Member

    thanks man! got the touch screen one. ill wire it outside and put it in a old case so i can controll the fans from the outside :)

    i<3 Active Member

    istead of pissing yourself off with 4pin stuff... cut the wires, take the black one, and the red... attache them to your power source (i recommend getting a 250watt computer PSU from newegg....got mine for 12$+$8.99 shipping) (one the PSU the 12volt is yellow) plus you can use it for otherthings too... lets say your growing with LEDs you could use that as the power supply...
    and if you dont want to "ruin" the 4 pins, buy the PSU and plug them right in...

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