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Can I Transplant flowering plants???

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bluelightbud420, Apr 25, 2008.


    bluelightbud420 Active Member

    I have two plants in their third week of flowering in pretty small potts, is it too late to transplant?

    bluelightbud420 Active Member

    Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    ORECAL Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't toooooo much stress.

    wackymack Well-Known Member

    its never to late to tranplant u might get a higher yeild if u do it soon enough like right now.next time try to grow a plant in a 5gal bucket from start to finish and u will never have to worry about transplanting at all.

    ORECAL Well-Known Member

    the highlighted part should tell you something is wrong...... you will not a a higher yield out of stressing your plants..... which transplanting ALWAYS done.

    bluelightbud420 Active Member

    but these potts are really little and the plants are at leats 2 feet tall, i don't know what i was thinking or how i let it go this long...

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    mockingbird131313 Well-Known Member

    I have had to do this a couple times and it turned out fine. Just try and keep the rootball intact. Place the plant in the larger pot and pack good soil around the edge.

    Do NOT strip the roots bare. Be gentle. Then add plenty of water (ph 5.8-6.2).

    bluelightbud420 Active Member

    I did it i just transplanteed them, one came out perfect in the shape of the pot. the othe one wasn't so good i heard alot of roots snapping but there was still a large handfull of roots attached.

    bluelightbud420 Active Member

    how long will it take to show signs of stress???

    wackymack Well-Known Member

    ur plants should b fine some times stress will show like 5min later,if ur plants droop a little take them away from the light and put them in some shade wit no mistin lightly water the soil and theyll bounce back as soon as 30 min and as late as 12hours if they dont bounce back by hour6 then lightly mist them,very lightly mist them.they shouldnt go in to shock since u didnt damage the main roots

    wackymack Well-Known Member

    have u thought about toppin them to get 2 main colas?

    Gemdaddy54 Member

    But would'nt that put your plant into some weird shock,especially after it's already started to flower? and would it come out of it to make a reasonable harvest?

    RohanVD86 Member

    That would not be very good
    Nice Ol Bud

    Nice Ol Bud Well-Known Member

    Now or Never.

    rambler420 Well-Known Member

    I've transplanted several times during flower, specifically to get them in a bigger pot. Everyone talks about transplanting stress....I don't get it. I never see it when I move mine. The trick is to keep the dirt from the previous pot untouched. I get my bigger pot, take a pot the size of the first pot and fill the bigger pot with soil, using the empty pot as a size indicator for the new hole. I take the plant, put my fingers around the bottom of the stem and put my hand flat on the dirt. Then I turn the whole thing upside down (do this over an empty pot or a trash can or sink. It gets messy). I put the pot under my arm and give it a squeeze.....turn...squeeze...turn...squeeze. Pretty soon it'll come loose from the sides. Slide the whole thing out, put it in the perfectly measured hole in the new pot and CAREFULLY push the dirt together. I usually put a fresh layer of new soil over the whole thing. I should add this is a lot easier when the soil is dry. Wet soil tends to fall apart. I have never had a plant show signs of not liking the transplant.

    To whoever said to top the plant for more colas....NOOOOOOOOOOO. Not during flowering. It's too late.

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