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california legal

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by stuccodude, May 2, 2011.


    stuccodude Active Member

    is it legal to grow medical marijuana outdoors this year? i heard no.

    bryon209 Active Member

    yes it is who told you that dont hang out with that person because they are missinformed and stupid.

    stuccodude Active Member

    i called the sherrifs office and they didnt know so they told me to call fresno eviromental health office and the lady said it is illigal to grow outdoors in fresno. the weird thing is that the sherriff didnt know. could be just fresno, we had a couple deaths last year over gardens.

    bryon209 Active Member

    well if there are city ordinances that wouldnt effect the rest of cali

    angryblackman Well-Known Member


    jyermum Active Member

    In San Diego they MUST be in a greenhouse or indoor and they cant be in the ground, have to be potted. Otherwise I'd throw some trees

    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    was it in fresno where that guy grew a bunch of weed by a park peeking over the fence with his big ass fence and then surprisingly some tweakers came and stole a bunch of buds and then the dude killed one of the robbers haha?

    stuccodude Active Member

    that was fresno, i went to his garden and the dumb ass had plants 5 feet above the fence facing a major street and one of the biggest parks in fresno. people like that ruin it for other people, top your plants unless you live in the country.

    pabloesqobar Well-Known Member

    Yep, you're right (not sure about the potted issue, tho). They gotta be in a locked facility. Here's the law:

    (e) Outdoor/Greenhouse Plants
    No outdoor marijuana cultivation shall be permitted. Growing marijuana
    shall only be permitted in a fully enclosed greenhouse or structure that must
    be locked and contained. The amount of marijuana grown in the enclosed
    greenhouses or structures that are locked and contained shall not exceed the
    permissible amounts for indoor plants according to sections 42.1311(c) and
    42.1311(d) above.

    The link: http://docs.sandiego.gov/municode/MuniCodeChapter04/Ch04Art02Division13.pdf

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