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Build Your Own Pollen Press

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by supasnashbuhl, Aug 25, 2008.


    supasnashbuhl Active Member


    I was in Spain on a holiday and end up buying a pollenator for a friend of mine. (With a pollenator I mean a grinder, that separates the kief/pollen/trichomes from the bud your grinding and collects them at the bottom in a seperate section) I thought: Great! Now he´s able to make him self some good, or at least above awerage, hash out of the kief. So i went browsing the internet for guides how to press kief into hash and thought that using a so called pollen press would be the best way cause of it´s simplicity. Well i didn´t find a singel press on my holiday nor did i find any in my homecountry and ordering one for 30 $ plus shipping sounded a bit too expencive so since i tend to be a certain mcguiver-type i decided on building one my self.

    Here comes:

    You need: 1X Double male hose connector
    2X End caps (size fitting to hose connectors windings)
    1X Piece of a metal bar (!NOT! tube) fitting just inside the hose
    connector both, in thickness and length. These you can´t
    buy as easily as the other components but i´m sure you´ll
    find a bar that will fit through the connector and then cut it
    to the right length. You can ofcourse use any material you
    think will hold the pressure (heard acryl would be best cous
    the hash won´t stick to it) Now, the important thing is, that
    the it´s exact the same width than the connectors interior. If
    you plan on making big amounts of hash at a time cut the bar
    shorter than the connector but do not make it longer. You
    can also make two pieces: one for small amounts (long) and
    one for big amounts (short) Anyhow this is the thing leading
    all the pressure to the kief so make it right and cut it
    2x Wrench maching size of the caps

    Now as you see there aren't many parts and using this little beauty is easy as hell:

    This step isn´t nececcary but i recommend it to guarantee the hash wont stick to the press' components: take some backing paper or wax paper fold it many times and cut out a round piece with the diameter of the connectors outer side or the inside of the caps so you´ll have as many pieces like that as you folded the paper. Now lay one of those pieces into one of the caps.

    Screw the connector to the cap (if you used backing paper check out that it stays straight). Tighten as fast as you can with bare hands.

    Now fill the kief into the connector screwed to the cap

    Again, may be skipped: take another baking paper piece, lay it ontop of the hole

    Add the piece of the bar and press it down hard

    Screw the second cap ontop of everything and tighten with the wrenches (not too tight so that the windings won´t brake)

    Leave it be for a few hours, open up the caps and there you go: A nice little hash-pellet.

    As you might've noticed, I didn't make any specifications about the size of the connector, caps etc, except that they have to match. That is because it's up to you. A smaller press makes smaller pellets of course but the pressure is also much heavyer than in a bigger one.

    I found every component in the same store. Look for stores with a great variety of screws and such. Print the pics and ask the staff if you can't find any. It's worth it and its fun! I payed 12,60€ for the parts that being so expencive couse they only got the bar in 1meter lenght aluminium.

    If you're having poor results (hash not firm enough) either you got bad kief with lots of plant materia or you´ve got to put more pressure to it. You might also want to try heating the press (while the waiting part) in an oven at 180 degrees celcius (350 farenheit) for ten minutes or dipping it into boiling water for a minute (check if the press is firm first, moisture brings mold) or otherwise heating the thing.

    I hope you mcguivers out there find this useful and enjoy your homemade press' homepressed hash!

    P's! :peace:

    supasnashbuhl Active Member

    Here are the pics.

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    Wretched420 Well-Known Member

    wow this looks easy

    kevincol09 Member

    very nice workes even better than one I bought

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