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bud hairs turning brown 4 weeks flower

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by direct, Feb 12, 2014.


    direct Member

    Growing barneys farm LSD. 3 gallon smart pot, FFOF soil, FFOF nutes along with CAL MAG, feeding PPM of 400 (I cut out grow big, it was causing N toxicity) under a 400w HPS with CFLs on side and bottom.

    Ive already checked for hermies. Humidity between 25-35% during the day and not above 40 at night. Temps never exceed 82 (IR temps stay at 27-30 degrees). Run off pH is 6.5. Could it just be genetics? The second pic shows another flower which doesn't have any brown hairs.

    CAM00261.jpg CAM00262.jpg CAM00263.jpg

    It's the plant on the left... the other two are liberty haze on the right and dinafem green cheese in the middle. Oh and that 1 CFL bulb you see; that's not my light source :P It's just a UVB I turn on/off during peak light hours of the day.

    bobtheslob Member

    What are the trichomes telling you ?

    bobtheslob Member

    Nothing to worry about

    tikitoker Active Member

    shits normal man. if you handle your flowers for inspection they can turn brown also. plant is doing its natural thing.

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