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Blue powder miracle grow plant food . . ? Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by *. GaMbO .*, Dec 2, 2007.

    *. GaMbO .*

    *. GaMbO .* Active Member

    well my mom gave me it . . she said it killed all of her flowers during the summer . Its a blue powder that u mix with the water . . has anyone ever used this product . . if so . . how does it work.

    david6767 Well-Known Member

    Know the stuff you mean, all purpose fert.
    would recommend that you use it at half to quarter strenght. Ganja does not need strong nutes and can burn easily.
    *. GaMbO .*

    *. GaMbO .* Active Member

    i hear ya . . i think ill use it at ful strengh just only give it to the plant maybe once a week or so .

    .:SEXISTONER:. Well-Known Member

    how did it work i want to try it at 1/4 strength in my spray bottle my plants are around 6 weeks old

    Potterpan Active Member

    Im Doing The Blue mix fert, in my spray bottle, for my 8weeks old babys. Ive used it for one week, only once, Significant growth :)

    dvldog Active Member

    i had a plant last summer outside and i was all stoned not thinking and put some of that fert and water on the plant itself and it FIRED IT horibly good thing it was at the end :shock: not a pro-grow but just be careful

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    you'll fry 'em with that.

    richjames Well-Known Member

    .... miracle BURN

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Miracle Grow has a bad rap with weed growers but they do make good fertilizers,read the contents,every dry form of Miracle Grow fertilizer ive ever used/seen has all the micro nute's in it that your plants need,alot of fertilizers do not offer the complete line of micro nutrients in their products.

    The main problem with Miracle grow is it's strength & that most new growers think more equals better,not with weed,with weed less is best & Miracle Grow can produce some amazing plants, just be sure to mix it at 1/4 strength & even less if foliar feeding durring lights out.

    If you can look for "Peters" brand powdered ferts or "Jacks" brand powdered ferts,the best powdered ferts on earth & what i use exclusively.

    Potterpan Active Member

    I herd its bad for Flowering plants. True?

    Potterpan Active Member

    also i herd misting flowering plant delutes the trichs. any truth?

    gotdemgurns? Active Member

    i use a blue powder from miracle grow and it has done nothing but good for my plant.:weed:

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    Well put. But I'd like to add that most newbies use MG since its easily gotten. They get anxious and over jealous with everything. Then blame it for the failure (nicer to blame the fert/soil then themselves)

    Then everyone says to use FF, GH, AN, nutes but to use them at 1/4 or 1/2 strength also. Hmmmmmm. Am I reading *to* clos between the lines here?

    So MG burns at full strength? so us a 'high qaulity' nute at a reduced strength and you will be fine. I don't see the logic.

    I still say its a poor craftsman that blames his tools.

    Next grow, I'm gonna do a clone in pure MG, soil, nutes, etc. And a plant in FF soil & nutes, and another in Promix soil with GH nutes.

    (just an general comment, and not directed at you panhead.)

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    THC is not water soluble. (think bubble hash) But misting in flowering can easily cause mold, much worse.

    .:SEXISTONER:. Well-Known Member

    has any one tried the mg for cloning i have 3 clones that i just cut like 2 days ago i am not using any thing but water right now i was just wondering if i where to use the mg that i am using on my plants once a week or so at 1/4 strength for the clones if i would get better results

    Dutch1976 Well-Known Member

    I went from Fox Farm to Miracle Grow and back to Fox Farm and can't tell a bit of difference. My Miracle grow batch was badass. I started at 1/4 strength and worked up to a lil more than half srength. I'm only using Fox Farm again cuz I bought a shit load of it and want to use it up in case it goes bad or something.

    blazing Active Member

    I've been told to stay away from Miracle Grow products unless i have to. I personally dont have any experience with them, i use foxfarm nutes and my own soil mix.

    I hear to watch the ph as they can ph fuck your plants.

    BigBudBalls Well-Known Member

    no nutes for cuttings that are trying to root.

    Dislexicmidget2021 Well-Known Member

    If you have to use MG use it in small small doses chemicals are strong.I have used MG alot of times with great results,you just have to realize not to use even half strength more like quarter strength at first then gradualy move it up.

    tyeee Well-Known Member

    has anyone ever thought about using MG for hydro? Or would there be too much buildup in your solution?

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