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    Hello fellower farmers!

    I'm new to posting my journal online so please bear with me. I have spent a lot of time
    reading others and appreciate some of the things I've learned from them. I'm not sure
    whether this thread will allow anyone to post feedback or not, but if it does...

    I have a 10' x 20' room in detached workshop, which will eventually become the veg
    room. Within that room, I framed out a 4' x 10' "closet" where my babies (and
    eventually a mother or two) will hang out under T-5 lighting until they are strong
    enough to move to rock wool. Meanwhile, I am in the process of framing out the
    flowering room next door (other side of the wall) and brainstorming ventilation,
    lighting, etc.

    NOTE: I will be posting photos in the next day or two.

    METHOD: Ebb & Flow
    GROW MEDIUM: Rock wool
    ROOM: Sealed with concrete floor.
    LAYOUT: Two 4x8 trays.
    LIGHTING: Two 1000w hoods per tray. Ballasts are mounted outside of the room.
    VENTILATION: One 6" can fan at base of wall and one 10" inline at the top of
    opposite wall. No ducting as of yet because the heat from the hoods is keeping
    the room at a comfortable temp.
    WATER: Just installed RO filter (Stealth 200) because I'm on a well now (new
    location). Water is stored in a container and is available on an "as needed" basis.
    Waste water is ran directly to 4' main line and exits into graywater of septic.
    STRAINS: Started from clones... Most of them are a Blue Dream / Sour Diesel
    cross (my two favorite strains) and a few are Chocolate Diesel, which I've never
    worked with before.

    I transferred the clones into rock wool cubes 8 days ago. I started feeding them
    nutrients twice a day (I use the FloraNova line) about 3 days ago and they
    seemed to be adjusting well because their new leaves are a healthy, vibrant

    Unfortunately, I noticed webs on a few of the girls this morning. There are
    also brown spots under the leaves of a few of them. So, I am patiently waiting
    for some feedback in the RIU forum and for the hydro stores to open up so I
    can tackle the issue. My only concern is that they are so young and I'm not
    sure if I need to treat them differently because they are in the veg state.

    I will also be starting a journal for my upcoming outdoor garden in a few weeks
    and will provide a link to it when I do. Outdoor is somewhat new to me (this
    will be my third year), but last year was so successful that I plan on going all
    out this year. :lol:

    :leaf: Thank you for taking the time to read and happy growing! :leaf:

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    sisko707 Member

    At the end of week 2 and I'm ready to move half of the girls over to another tray and start forcing them to flower. IMG_20130403_190319.jpg IMG_20130403_190326.jpg IMG_20130403_190334.jpg

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    The girls are looking awesome! I am in week 3 and have separated the girls into two trays now and have switched over to a 12/12 light schedule to force them to flower. No signs of mites in at least a week but continue to treat with Neem oil weekly.

    IMG_20130407_230107.jpg IMG_20130407_230119.jpg

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