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Big Buds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by Skorge, Nov 16, 2007.


    Skorge Active Member

    I dont kno how to get really big buds. When budding does the temp affect the size of the finished buds? With healthy plants and cutting light to 12/12 to begin budding the temp drops from 90 to around 60 degrees. If the temp droped to more like 40 of even 30 that would fake winter in a controlled indoor envirement and would send the plant into shock, kinda like frost does outdoors, would this make the buds grow larger.

    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member



    oh naw man...i think you got it all wrong....

    making it colder wont produce bigger buds..... only icyhot will do that!

    dRugged Active Member

    Whoa man. I dont know what background your growing these plants with, but you need to do some serious research. Try reading some grow guides and watch Mr. Greens "I grow chronic" videos on youtube and it will tell you everything. Buds will grow bigger only in prime condition. This means, lighting, air, CO2, water, warmth, humidity and, over all, TLC!

    LoudBlunts Well-Known Member

    LMAO!!! he wants to freeze the buds to stimulate bigger growth...

    something aint adding up man!

    creeperstoney Active Member

    the only thing making i colder does is stimulates the color purple to show some in the buds.. But not make bigger buds...

    cheetah2007 Well-Known Member

    have to add somethin' . 90 degr are way too hot man.and yeah, do more researches before starting a grow op.you'll make the poor plants to suffer.there wont be larger buds if you do that.peace!!! Cheetah

    guitarman7311 Well-Known Member

    Yes all the cold will do is turn the pistils or hairs purple and maybe kill ur plant lmao !!!

    aeroman Well-Known Member

    u want bigger buds? get bigger HPS lights and feed em Big Bud, Carboload, and stuff like that as much as they can take


    smutpeddler Well-Known Member

    bigger buds from feeding are usually less potent. something to think about.

    90 is too hot. and a 40-50 degree temp change makes matters worse. try to keep the temps mid 70s during day, and mid 60s at nite.

    that will be one step to bigger buds.

    do some reading. asking questions helps, but gain some knowledge through research.

    hate to see a plant all fucked up.

    aeroman Well-Known Member

    wut makes u say that?

    seems 2 me sumthin guys with small buds say 2 make them feel better

    no offense i just dont think its true
    green thumb matt

    green thumb matt Active Member

    your a funny motherfucker.

    aknight3 Moderator

    you guys really shouldnt be dicks about it, bro read some gro faqs and do some research youll be ready to go in no time, but no to answer your question none of that will help, get a good light, good nutes good medium and good genes, those work

    knowboddy Active Member

    There's just a few simple things needed to produce bigger buds. Light, food, and CO2.

    Getting more light or more CO2 is simple enough to accomplish and there aren't really a lot of secrets on how to do that. The key to know there is that upping CO2 doesn't help very much unless you've already maxxed out light and nutes.

    That leaves nutrition as the primary remaining controllable factor influencing bigger buds. Once you've removed all the excuses to fail you need only supply the tools to succeed.

    Thus the more important ingredient in success is - to my mind at least - the best possible feeding regimen. In my experience that means something like Advanced Nutrients. I've tried a lot of other stuff but the biggest yields I've ever gotten were always with AN.

    crazychris Member

    I agree with you its a similar concept to calcium deposits in old pipes. the clog wont get bigger and get weaker, its not like water weight on a fat kid. the trichomes will evenly cover the surface area despite the size of your buds, the increased resin production will only be stimulated by proper lighting nutrients and not messin with em too much.

    newbie but very experienced

    thesmokingun Member

    stay away from high temps and the freezin cold!!!! you want temp 2b between 20 =25 degrees 0c well i find that works perfect but trust me cold kills!!!! 4 big buds use overdrive,bud candy,big bud anything like that hope this helps P.S do some research!!!!:bigjoint::leaf:

    sleven Member

    my plants are in the veg state, there about 3-4 inches tall. my q

    sleven Member

    closet grow.. 2 plants about 3-4 inches tall...using co2. my q is... does ventilation play a big part in bud size or bud production???

    its420 Active Member

    leave the door open couple times aday

    NukeEm Member

    i heard fish oil is good or a small amount of ashes when budding. just throw the ash on the ground and water it so it mixes in with the soil with fish oil idk mix it with water?

    tbackdog Member

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