Best strain for Anxiety

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by zee, Mar 18, 2008.

    Dr. Kushman

    Dr. Kushman Member

    Take the most indica dominant plant you love (ie pre98 bubba) and run it an extra 2-3 weeks longer than most...hard to say the exact percent of amber trichs as it will come down to personaly pref. But adding some flower time to an indica will make a more narcotic, less mental activity type buzz. Play around for yourself, but I take my stuff longer than most for this exact reason, and it works great...even on a sativa strain that has a lot of amber...but starts with a nice kush.
    jessy koons

    jessy koons New Member

    There are many high CBD strains out in the world these days and they tend to do much in relieving anxiety. They are usually clone only but are fairly easy to find in California.

    If it isn't possible to find any high CBD strains then the previous post by Dr. K is good advise. Good luck
    little butch

    little butch Active Member

    I suffer from acute depression, which often triggers panic attacks and anxiety. I have been dealing with this for 40 years and tried lots of strains. My best solution so far is to use Jilly Bean for the depression, and when it is controlled, there aren't many panic or anxiety issues. But if panic or anxiety appears I have to use a good strong indica and a nap.

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    little butch

    little butch Active Member

    I agree, I've pretty much tried most of them and IF you want anxiety and depression relief, Jilly Bean (TGA SUBCOOL) is at the top of my list. peace & be kind

    ag515 Member

    i agree blue dream is great

    starrboo Member

    Have you tried eating it???? Take your trimings and get a 5 quart pot and a wooden spoon. If you use Buds/Flowers; 1 oz to 2 Lbs of salted butter( would make what is called a 10x Maximum Strength) and 4 cups of filtered water,mix your trimings ,and bring to a med boil. Add your butter and lower your temp to a simmer. Simmer it for about 8 hours. remove from heat and cover, let it stand for about 45 mins. Put some cheesecloth into a colander and set over a catch pot, start spooning your mixture in your colander. once all has been poured thru cheesecloth, put some gloves on and squeeze the hell out of it. Cover and let it sit over night in ice box. It will separate from the water. scoop all the butter out and there ya go! If you do the 10x time strength, and it calls for a cup of butter use 1/2 cup of the cannabis butter and 1/2 cup of non medical butter. Try some Chocolate peanut butter balls or carmels, small amounts at first. Eating cannabis gives ya a total diffrent high, it is a body high and last quite long. Great for Chronic Pain, Gastrointestinal Disorders and the list goes on and on. There are 3 varieties, indica,Sativa, and hiybrids, Aan indica-dominant strain commonly helps with deeper body effects and helps with many physical affictions. Sativa-dominant strains produce more of a cerebral, uplifting, calming effect. I know it sure helps my father and mother. Mom has Crohn's Disease. With the help of eating Cannabis her quality of life has improved so much. Hope I helped. Try looking up Cooking with Cannabis on amazon. Theres a book called : The Emperor Wears no Clothes, and Marijuana Cooking, Good medicine made easy. Great Books! have a Great Week!

    ANON-Pranks Member

    Strawberry cough for anxiety works like a charm
    kona gold

    kona gold Active Member

    Northern Lights #5. Relaxes, makes you in good mood,doesn't get any better!

    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    Bubblelicious by Nirvana - probably many other bubblegum strains. Also, Strawberry Cough, Dinafem has a good one I hear.

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