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Best place to live and grow

Discussion in 'Oregon Patients' started by dudemandigo, Mar 19, 2011.


    dudemandigo Well-Known Member

    Ello all.

    I am trying to find a nice quiet place to move to. I currently live in NY and hate the tough economic times, and gas being 380/gal, and short grow season, and stupid NY cops, ect i could go on, but ill save you the ranting.

    I am interested to learn about Oregon, the climate, the MMJ laws, and also, i would like to know the best areas to move to if im looking for a cheap, quiet place, from people who live in this great state.

    My current income is 1600/ month and im curious to know if thats enough to 'get by' in Oregon...

    any comments appreciated!:leaf:

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    oregon is great man weed can be grown almost any where in oregon but i like weed grown in southern oregon, it gets cold in alot of other places in oregon at night and early inthe season. plus southern oregon is just small cities and towns, very friendly people alot of med patients. 1600 a month should be enough for a decent place out here. most place in my area for a decent place is 400-800 and any higher then the places also get nicer. theri is alot of country side in oregon. the climate in southern oregon is great, we have cold but not to cold of winters, beautiful spring time, the sumer gets hot but theri is alot of very nice rivers around. it starts to get hot in may and then fall hits in october, most people i my parts harvest in croptober-september.

    as for the laws on medical marijuana here just google it put in oregon medical marijuana laws

    oldschooltofu Well-Known Member

    ^^^ what he said+

    southern oregon:
    the rain stops in may/June, starts in Oct. even when it does rain down here, its speratic and short bursts.
    the rain cloud is central-north Eug to portland.
    i tend to say we are in the goldielox zone. go south and gets hot, go north cold and rainy. winters are somewhat mild. storms tend to last 2-4 days. 2-6" of snow in the valleys, ~100" on the mountain per year. ie. the golf courses are open year round
    hiking, senery, snowboarding, dirt biking, mt biking, rafting, lakes are all good.
    24oz limit is the largest your going to find out of all the med states.
    6 mature 18 veg (mature is 12"+ though)
    gas is 3.75 right now
    property values hold more value here than most places in this economy, although there are deals to be found. use to be very expensive.
    cops are chill as long as your not selling and have a card.

    the only drawbacks to this area are:
    low job market 13% unemployment
    tourist driven economy (Shakespeare festival)
    lots of old people/ 55+ communities
    small college
    5-6 hours from portland or SF
    more expensive flights, but bran new airport is nice.
    not much entertainment. learn to appreciate live music when it comes around (check out Britt festival) or travel for it or like the local music.
    the coast is 3 hours away (which is bad if you like going, good to keep distance from tsunamis)

    hope this helps.

    dudemandigo Well-Known Member

    very good info guys thanks for your time and thought. Gas is still pretty high there i see, but im sure its high most places.

    what do you guys do to make a living over there? would you ever conciser moving elsewhere? do you think it would be possible to make extra income by selling to dispencitories in the area? or anything similar??

    Beacon Active Member

    Portland Indoor.

    article around, just a diff perspective

    "It's just not worth it for me," Argos said as he ground the pungent coffee beans.

    "I put in around about a grand or so, per plant, not counting labor and love. Breaks my heart to have to let it go for anything less than $1,500 individually. Especially because I know the kids across the valley are picking up my medicine and bringing it to L.A., getting two grand and half for an elbow. Calling it whatever those Hollywood types are smoking these days."

    I sat at his table listening the rain hammering his mountain cabin while Argos hand-cranked the beans into one of those old-fashioned meat grinders.........................

    oldschooltofu Well-Known Member

    sales and dispensaries are illegal here. you have to know someone in So Cali to get rid of it legially, and then its stilll sketchy driving all that way, unless you got a cali card holder in your car.

    yea from what i hear your lucky if you can get rid of it for 1500-2000$#...everybody has some.
    here you have to find a patient that doesnt grow and then ask for donation to "cover your costs only"....its a really weirdly written law. lots of grey areas. you should read each MM law before you move to a MM state. each one is different. some like the situation here, some wish there were dispensaries.

    medical laws by state

    im a jewelry maker. so i have a legit income....my ommp is just personal that i share with a few other patients.
    you have to figure out how your going to make it here. when your talking about North Cali to So Or living. either work retail or for someone elses small biz, or "make your own job"....even harry and david is downsizing.

    MasterGreenThumb Member

    Yep, I agree. The laws in Oregon for medical marijuana are a joke & they actual plan on making them worse by adding more restrictions & limitations :(

    The outdoor grows I've seen in Southern Oregon & Northern California have been pretty nice. I would consider one of these places if you plan on growing outside. If your interested in distributing to a dispensaries Northern California is where you want to go. You can also legally grow more in California. You may want to check out the norml.org for more details on each states laws or pending laws.

    Best of Luck



    stumps Well-Known Member

    Washington is about the same as Oregon for growing. I think Oregon gets better light in the fall. As far as prices go everyone will be getting screwed soon.

    Mercer Member

    Well as far as your monthly income, you should be fine, im makin 1100 and under on books and makin it, as far as sellin your herb legally, not goin to happen here ( well in eugene/springfield ) but the prices are pretty steady....$200 a zone, $80 a half.... but still having to make money that way is sketch although I've seen no problems, you really should move to southern oregon.... the weather is way better than most of oregon and the people are friendly, there are dirt bags and meth in medford but its everywhere including this shit hole, but i'd bet its better than NY... I've lived in alot of places and i really cant seem to find a better place than oregon....even with all of its rain

    dudemandigo Well-Known Member

    thanks for the replies guys!

    Ive always wanted to just be able to grow outdoors legally and make a living off that. If i could pull that off somehow id be a happy camper. Im not 100% set on selling legally, i dont really care. Ive thought about living Cali ALOT and ive heard so may bad things about that state it makes me want to go elsewhere. I feel like theres no more room for another grower, and ive heard that the economy is worse then NY. But then again i could be wrong. Ive been fucked with so much in NY i feel like a caged dog being poked my a stick because of these cops. It would be amazing to have freedom with growing and thats all im really looking for. That and a relaxed area where i could be left the fuck alone and make enough money to buy a house and land....

    stumps Well-Known Member

    cali a great place to visit, Would never want to live there.

    oldschooltofu Well-Known Member

    cali has sales tax, oregon does not.
    cali can pump your own gas, oregon you have to wait for the slow ass attendant.

    southern oregon is just as packed with growers as N cali is. so dont let that stand in your way.

    rain? what rain? haha....we have been getting hammered, but still in the south we have lots more sunshine than in the center/north. we get nice breaks in weather. today was really nice....but cant wait till it gets dry again.

    YEPESD Member

    We, are on the same exact boat my friend!
    As far as I see, northern Cali sounds more lax for growing/selling.
    Anyone comment on Colorado?

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