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best place in the springs to buy seeds or clones

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by uromastyx, Aug 14, 2011.


    uromastyx Well-Known Member

    Hey there
    I was wondering what dispensarys you would recommend in the Colorado Springs area for seeds
    and clones. I have been to strawberry fields and was kinda disappointed at the condition of their clones I read about acme having clones. Has anyone checked them out?

    Thanks four your help

    bcguy01 Active Member

    i us craigslist alot to find clones and seeds

    uromastyx Well-Known Member

    I haven't even thought about Craigslist, I just assumed that they had some rules in place against that.
    I'll go search around on Cl.

    snicol Active Member

    never anything on craigslist

    uromastyx Well-Known Member

    Best place that I have found so far is acme smoke. I got a chem dawg clone from them and it definitely looks like some version of chem dawg. I also saw a ad in the independent for green life that they have clones.

    DGT309 Active Member

    Anywhere else besides Acme or Craigslist ?

    uromastyx Well-Known Member

    Strawberryfields - I got a afgooey clone (don't think it was afgooey) and a DJ short BBC (3rd week into flowering, we will see how it turns out)
    green life - haven't been there
    Those two and acme are the only places I know of.

    Subiedude Member

    I'm a member at Strawberry Fields so i'm not allowed to buy their clones. But I agree, they don't look the best, which is surprising cause they are considered one of the best dispensaries in town. I was gonna go check out ACME, i've heard real good things about them. I was just at American Wellness Center (a little down the road from Strawberry Fields) and they had some clones that were about to hit the shelves. Might wanna check them out. Let me know what you decide on though man. I'll be doing my first grow here shortly so i've been looking for some good clones as well. Good luck

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    here are most issues with dispensary clones (not saying any of these things are true of any places above, i don't know them, just general knowledge):

    *they are mostly 2nd/3rd choice clones. the primes are kept for the store grow.
    *the dispensary staff isn't trained or has little knowledge on how to keep them happy.
    *the dispensary environment isn't really setup for handling clones, but they do it anyways (humidity/temp issues).
    *mold/mildew - some places have no clue in this dept.. it is seriously sad to see a room full of plants that aren't taken care of and show clear signs of PM or botritys. seen many clones that had it too. a good way to ruin a good grow.
    *pests - same as above. spidermites, thrips, root aphids, scale. another great way to ruin a good garden. root aphids are the devils spawn. supermites are just as bad (thank god for the change in weather! wipe em out NOW while it's still early winter)

    am I missing anything? oh yeah .. some just rename anything to whatever name sells good. same with the weed you are buying, I can almost guarantee that 5-10% of what is on the shelf has been renamed for marketing/selling better. some of the general public only cares about some name more then what the product actually does.

    keep in mind though, that these are the minority. the majority of places want to retain your business and have you refer friends.

    Medshed Well-Known Member

    Well put eyecandi. I've only bought MMC clones a handful of times but I've experienced every one of your points. I'm happy to start from seed. I'd only take a clone from a well known and trusted source.

    SoCoMMJ Well-Known Member

    Even from a dispensary point of view, that is the way to go. SEEDS. If you take it from a sealed pack, you know what you are getting. I know that the "clone distributors" that kept selling us bogus genetics had a distribution through several dispensaries in town. Not only were they selling us unknown genetics, they were spreading their plague everywhere.

    eyecandi Well-Known Member

    it's a give and take issue from my viewpoint. with a solid mother stock of elites, a grow should be able to supply their own clones and have a solid product that is known and tested among patients, so they know what they are getting each and every time - different ailments have different needs. but with seeds, you get more variety and vigor + less issues with bugs/diseases/fungus'. but you also run the risk of more hermies vs known clones/mothers. i know one grow that runs seed only gear and 2x had hermie issues that destroyed the entire crop cycle this past year. worth the cost? how much time is spent searching for nanners and balls?

    for me, I run 50-60% from my elites (Golden Goat, pre98-Bubba, Maui sativa, Afgooey, Durban Poison, ChocolateChunk), @ 30% from mothers I chose out of seed runs (Sannies Herijuana and Hericules. ChemD x Cindy99. QrazyTrain x Chernoble. Qrazy Train. Space Bomb. Elli. Corleone Kush.) and @ 15-20% new seed runs for testing, either purchased or from my own inhouse breeding (the best thing a warehouse can do IMO, or buy locally bred varieties instead of from overseas or bred at low altitude/pressure).

    snicol Active Member

    Which brings us back to the title of the post, where the f do you get good clones in the springs?
    chef c

    chef c Well-Known Member

    In denver :) guys, find your mothers from seed, the cloning is up to you. The big thing is cash and time. Yes buying a clone is a very fast east to get going but your taking someone elses idea of what the strain should look like, they might have picked one that yeilded more but had less taste or one that was faster but not as strong, or blah blah blah... Seeds give you an opportunity. To be HEMAN, ya know master of the universe? You see all of your choices and pick who you like. Go to attitude or sow amazing seeds or sannies, or cali connection or tga or anyone of several reputable inhouse breeders from this very thread, and I GuArEnTeE that you will be happier sooner and cheaper than you will clone hunting... Its imvho kind of an advanced thing to get into because you ARE risking so much on other people, powdery mildew, mites, and a whole host of other problems not to mention (everyone who has had this happen like this post for reference) they simply are not what the person said that are. you should have a great genetic archive before to test your luck w others problems.

    TruenoAE86coupe Moderator

    Can i like that shit like 5 times?
    He really is spot on here, at this point i will only get clones from one place, a buddy ;), (well unless chef offers anything up ;) )
    Otherwise its seed only. But to each there own, and then there is those exclusive clone only strains ;)

    johnny50 New Member

    The herb shoppe in old Colorado city always has good clean clones. I've gotten good results every time. Jack flash, strawberry d lite, Durban poison, ghost train haze, banana kush, pineapple express were all fire and I got a juicy fruit cut that came out crazy purple and frosty. Got some OG express, purple dragon, tangerine haze and Chernobyl going now. Can't wait!!

    homebrew420 Well-Known Member

    Chef I must completely and respectfully disagree. Nobody needs a genetic stockpile to grow. And a few proven clones is OFTEN better than spending 5 months on a maybe when one is limited to 3 plants in flower. I love seeds, love growing out plants to see whats offered. This is however a lot of work and for some not worth a potential loss of crop from issues arising from untested or unstable seed lines.
    I understand ALL of this is very much possible in the clone game too. But I speak of proven cuts. Unless one has intimate knowledge of clone its all a gamble... hopefully not for much longer.
    If looking for seeds check my list in ths forum. I plan to be making bi-monthly trips down CS way. Will have a list of moms as well. Making a new thread now.


    dennisphilpot22 New Member


    6ohMax Well-Known Member


    bleak303 Member

    Has anyone tried 14er genetics in boulder been planning on making a trip up there. Any feedback appreciated

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