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Best outdoor sativa for ohio area

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Triggaman8898, Mar 17, 2008.


    Triggaman8898 Active Member

    What would be the best outdoor sativa plant for the ohio area? Im lookin for a easy plant with a high yield and high THC levels.
    Also, what site can i buy them from, ships to U.S.?

    Mr.Pyrex Well-Known Member

    can i grow it for you to?

    durban poison is your best bet dude

    PlasmaRadio Well-Known Member

    Want some ointment for that burn?

    I always wanted to type that.

    Pizzzh Well-Known Member

    i live in oh..
    never tried a sativa outdoors...
    I would stick to indica, our growing season is super short

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    As for what site. I suggest that you look down. ( at the banners )

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Howdy buckeye,wolverine here :mrgreen:

    I was thinking the same thing,we got 4 months,not enough time for a sativa.

    Ive got one female sativa in bud right now & her bud production is like old people fuck,slow & carefull,the indica strains i have are blowing her doors off.

    chuq Active Member

    Im also from Ohio and just registered to this site. I have a little expereince growing from last year.
    I live near the bottom of the state but i always thought we ha a good 6, from late April-early May too Mid-October or a little before.
    Im currentley on a project in the woods , not sure how many plants to do-lots of room though.
    Also if ohio does have a shorter grow period, even the bottom, how would i know if all the seeds i have saved are good for these areas-(are they more indica or more sativa)
    ------Help from some1

    exzile Well-Known Member

    represent cleveland ohio!

    Spittn4cash Well-Known Member

    what is this the ohio "strains" thread?


    I say its really depending on how late U intend to harvest.

    I have a bubblicious outside and a cpl seedlings of bubbliciousx2 I made. since they're mostly indica itll probably be around october when I harvest all of them which is perfect for me bcuz thats just before the "drought".

    U may also want to consider an indica strain or a hybrid bcuz any sativa U plant outside in the middle of june in ohio probably wouldnt finish till late november (if the weather wasnt an issue obviously)

    U dont have to do any covering at night or anything like that, just make sure U have good soil, nutes, and water and the plant will take care of most of the other needs.

    and in case U were wondering...

    from talking to various associates, it seems the most common strains grown in the northeast ohio are 'oasis' 'northern lights' 'blue berry' 'og kush' 'sensi star' 'white widow' 'white rhino' 'ppp' 'original haze' 'purple haze' 'ak47' and a few more.
    stagger lee

    stagger lee Active Member

    ive been a hog (hardcore outdoor grower) in the n. midwest for over 20yrs! Ive prob tried around 40-50 different strains,b4 starting a huge strain review were I ordered 83 of the best available strains and grew all side by side together in same grow op!started it when overgrow went down and took all the best strain info with!I took notes and records from each strain in every growth stage from germ % to final dried weight!really great trustworthy info not sure what to do w/it might contact grow mag and make available to all interested!was REALLY impressed w/c99 outdoors and a few c99 crosses,bonkers,ect

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