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best INEXPENSIVE way to control odor

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by DirtyDiana, Dec 15, 2010.


    DirtyDiana Active Member

    Ok, the room smells wonderfully!!! Not as bad as the stairs though. The stairs are not directly above the room, so I am a little confused on why they STINK!!! What is the best cheapest way to control this odor? I have plugins and stuff, but they only mask the odor, and I do not have any outlets in the stairway. Any suggestions?

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    if you can find one of those electronic air filters (ionaire or the likes) they generate a lot of ozone that will neutralize SOME odor. aquarium shops sell activated carbon for water filtering get your hands on that and hang a sack of it your room with a strong fan blowing into to it.
    Cook onions & garlic all the time.

    Devildog93 Well-Known Member

    On the first page of this link, it has a few other links that show how to make super, cheap carbon filter systems. Either as an internal room scrubber, or an inline scrubber system.


    Also, if you keep reading that thread, people are always adding their own "macgyver'ed" ideas. Some are just effin' brilliant and simple. Me, I'm a lazy idiot and I always go purchase the latest pre-made toys. That's just me though.

    An internal scrbubber system would most likely work well if you only vent your room so often, and it is well sealed.

    If your room is leaky (which it sounds like) and you have avg. temp air (not freezing outside air) to supply your room with, I would go with an inline carbon filter and "constant on" exhaust system to create a negative pressure in your room. I do this by having say a 6" exhaust fan up high in the room, with a 4" passive air inlet down low.
    This means air will suck out of the room, faster than it sucks in. Thus, odors don't emit from the room, and all room stink particles are pushed thru the inline filter.
    "Negative pressure" rooms, combined with a filter or a masking product/device is the best option IMO.

    You can also design your own ozone machine cheap I think as well, but this is a masking device.....the best IMO is a carbon filter system of some sorts.

    Also, if you read the article I provided you the link to, there is another product in there that I can't find for the life of me....it is a masking agent, BUT reportedly works awesome.....I think it starts with an "N"......but I can't locate it.

    Good luck OP

    J2M3S Well-Known Member

    Possibly look into ONA products.

    Good luck....

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    Carbon filters and a can fan are the BEST way to get rid of odor. Research Ozone generators, they work well also, but have their own distinctive odor. ONA works well, but you have to apply it very often to keep its odor neutralizing properties working and again it has its own distinctive odor.

    Devildog93 Well-Known Member

    That is actually what I was thinking of. Don't know why I thought it started with N :dunce:

    J2M3S Well-Known Member

    Glad to have helped. Take care.

    Devildog93 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting that. Another anti-stink weapon for the OP.....and it was driving me nuts....I must've looked at the name a dozen times.

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    Fart alot and stuff...

    If you have positive pressure in your grow room (more air being pushed in than being drawn out) then it can be getting out the darndest places. It can go through the outlet at the base of the wall and directly out the other side if there is an adjoining outlet. It can be leaking out under the wall at the baseboard and or at any light fixture. That is just a few of the places. If you have plumbing in the room it can be gettign out through the gaps at the plumbing.

    Generating negative pressure in the grow room could possibly eliminate the problem.

    seenbutnotheard Member

    Your stairs smell because hot (stinky) air rises, do this experiment, stand on something until your nose reaches your ceiling , does it smell like your stairs? Mine did.

    I got Ona, it made my house smell like a stadium mens room, get a Lysol Neutral Air thing that hangs on your wall and sprays stuff every few minutes (16 is what I use) $10 at WalWorld

    solosmoke Active Member

    true the ozone genarator is the best with out venting it out ,pure clean air i use one in livein room,

    Devildog93 Well-Known Member

    Lol. awesome.

    mikedouglas Member

    i used a bathroom exhaust fan in the wall and i ran flex duct work from like a dryer vent from the fan up through the wall into the attic and then up to the highest point of the roof in the attic, you should see at the very peak that the plywood is cut back on both sides and you should be able to see a little light through the top. that is called ridge vent, i put a zip tie around the duct and stapled it to a close by roof truss so the stink goes out the highest point and no one smells it.

    wannaquickee Well-Known Member

    nice..thats a good way to handle it..prolly cheap too

    wanabe Active Member

    ona works best

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