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Best Haze EVER!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by karri0n, Aug 21, 2008.


    karri0n Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I'm trying to choose a strain t grow outdoors next year.

    Being in CT, and not having much access to any big stoner subcultures, It's pretty rare that I come across killer bud. However, I'm a 7 year smoker, so I have come across it from time to time. The best stuff(by best I mean my personal preference, I prefer heady to body. I like doing stuff, not sitting around) I've found thus far is always just called "Haze" by the white kids, or "piff" by the black kids. I can always identify whether it's haze by the distinctive citrus smell. It always has a clear, heady, energetic high that just lasts for HOURS. When perusing strains on the internet, I have come across many different "haze" strains that then claim to be some percentage indica and not true haze strains. I would hate to get one that sounds good, then end up with something that isn't the high/flavor that I'm looking for. Does anyone know any specific haze strains that definitely have that classic haze attribute? Another plus would be shorter flowering time(I know sativa/haze flower longer, but slightly shorter would be best as I am OUTDOOR)

    speedhabit Well-Known Member

    If you think that stuff was good, wait till you get a real homegrown haze....

    Watch out

    As for your question, the genetics are so expensive I dont really go after them but the DNA cantalope gene line contains a hazy lineage from the LA. Conf maybe (im to stoned to remember) and flowers pretty early, like 55 (Most hazes take 70+).

    Also of "note" is arjan's ultra haze, I dont like green house seeds, I see them as sort of capitalism nosing in on my subculture, but I tasted this stuff in Amsterdam and its ass to the floor. Like it was spiked with something.

    karri0n Well-Known Member

    Thanks. It's nice to actually get an informed answer. So far my posts seem to be 1 in 5 with a good answer that don't just drop to the bottom after I post. +REP for you my friend. Anyone else got some good Haze info?

    karri0n Well-Known Member


    delerious Well-Known Member

    Mr Nice has a Super Silver Haze that's pretty good, but I believe it's a hybrid (Skunk,NL,Haze) and expensive. Homegrown Fantaseeds has one just called haze that they claim is 100% sativa. There's a Sensi Silver Haze (hybrid). Soma Amnesia Haze and Haze Heaven. Seedsman has Indian Haze, Sugar Haze, Original Haze, and Skunk Haze. There's probably some others I've forgotten. The Seedsman seeds are pretty cheap, but I haven't grown any of his out yet, so I can't give a smoke report. I've heard good things about his ATA Tundra (pure indica).
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    karri0n Well-Known Member

    Thanks Delerious, +REP

    killa2345 Active Member


    chad851 Well-Known Member

    amnesia haze, mexican haze , g13 haze, utopia haze all sick smoking super silver haze at the moment and its lovely also fruitcake was a fav but is no longer available r.i.p

    jjf1978 Well-Known Member

    Been wanting to order some Arjan's Ultra haze & Arjan's Strawberry haze. I too am a haze fan, stay far away from indica stuff, just makes me want to go to sleep...I've been cloning/flowering some bagseed "haze" but I can tell i has indica influence. Just after smoking it creeps up on you and you get a nice head high and then an hour later you start to feel lethargically numb. So I too am interested in finding some good haze!

    ROBINBANKS New Member

    G 13 Haze will fry your brain, should be called ( '' dont make any fecking plans'' )

    jjf1978 Well-Known Member

    Heh yeah I remember when my cousin got his hands on some G13 - he was like this is GOVERNMENT WEED MAN!! lol it was damn good. Forgot about the G13..

    HOLROYD Active Member

    Had some Greenhouse SSH which delivered on a whole lotta levels..grow room to head room!
    Not of fan of GHS before I got the seeds (4 out of 5 feminized superlemon haze seeds went male) but the product is delightful. Doesnt matter if some indy makes its way into your haze...usually makes for a bigger plant, and the haze (if true) will cut right through it all for ya.



    GoldenGanja13 Well-Known Member

    I am waiting for some Super Lemon Haze from the Tude.
    I love the haze too. Good Luck on your Haze search.
    Mr.Therapy Man

    Mr.Therapy Man Well-Known Member

    Im getting ready to run Nevilles haze and I feel like it will be around my house for years to come.I won them on bidzbay for 100 dollars for 18 beans,They have them at auction this week and they are allready over 200 bucks a pack with 3 days left...peace

    samljer Active Member

    Good haze strains are:
    Seni seeds: Silver Haze #9
    Seedsman: Columbian Red Haze (10% indica, you dont really feel it)
    Big Buddah Seeds: Buddha Haze (G13xSilver Haze) Fantastic one
    Flying Dutchman Seeds: Temple Haze - 90 day flower period o_O

    ufodisclosure Member

    I've been smoking weed for 10 years, I live in Belgium, 50 miles from Amsterdam, My friends and I went maybe 10 or 15 times in Amsterdam to smoke and buy seeds
    I can tell you the most potent Sativa I've ever smoked was an Hawaiian Snow that was chopped a little earlier. No BCD at all. Racy.. Racy.... Racy! fucking potent!!
    The #2 most potent haze I've had the pleasure to smoke was early harvested Neville's Haze. No CBD too. VERY potent !
    Then (the best tasting Haze I've came across) is the Amnesia Haze ( Hy-Gro seeds) Very potent but above all the most fruity herb I've smoked in my entire life of blower

    These are the most pleasurable hazes you can get. But Critical Haze, Super Silver Haze, Super Lemon Haze are top notch too. A+ gear for sure.

    tet1953 Well-Known Member

    I hope I have better luck than Holroyd. I just started a couple Super Lemon Haze that I got from Attitude. Supposed to be fem, germinated 2 of the 5 seeds and they are looking good. Trying some of the LSD too.

    DunLarkin Well-Known Member

    Super Lemon Haze!

    aknight3 Moderator

    i have also been in the pursuit of the true haze, ive heard hempdepot some breeder named tim has the original haze, thats what i think im getting, im using for breeding purposes tho

    twenty2 Active Member

    To the op, pretty much everything everybody is saying about the potency of the other haze/non-haze strains is true... they are high potency and taste better than the haze aka piff we get in the NE area. as for the 'piff' your talkin about... that is purple haze and pretty much all of it is grown in the Washington heights section of NYC. it has a distinct haze smell and a distinct flavor when you smoke it, especially on the exhale. the majority of this haze is grown commercially and the over quality varies.

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