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Best Clone-Only Strains in Denver and the Surrounding Area?

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by neobes, May 24, 2010.


    neobes Active Member

    Come on my Colorado peeps. We're legal and have access to the best herbal medicines in the world! What are the best clone-only strains in Denver and the surrounding area? Please feel free to post the best: potency, yield, flavor, etc. I am personally partial to indicas, but any sativa suggestions are more than welcome!:mrgreen:

    bshdctr Well-Known Member

    I am growing the clone-only Chemdog #4 right now. It is insanely sick...one of my special keepers for sure. I got the clone from ColoradoAlternativeMedicine on Broadway in Denver. They were just selling it with the normal clone selection so they are being super cool about sharing these elite genetics!! The strain is Chem#4 for sure also.......it has that classic petrol/skunky/deisel funk and over the top trichome production. Not sure if they still have it but I highly recommend it!!

    neobes Active Member

    Hey bshdctr,
    I've definitely had my eye on /chemdog for a while. A lot of the dispensaries are so shady, and their clones tend to look small/sick/generally unhealthy. How's the yield on that Chemdog #4?
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    I trust seeds. If I wanted chemdawg I'd look at Drgreenthumb. I think Cali got us beat for best weed and clone only strains in the world , sorry.

    neobes Active Member

    No doubt about Cali. I got a friend in LA who was telling me the exact same thing earlier today. We need to get some of those Cali clones over here.

    bshdctr Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the late reply. The clone came very clean and has not introduced any problems into my room (that I have found yet). The clones from C.A.M. seem to come very clean and are the genetics that they are labeled as for sure. It has the classic chem smell and a ridiculous trichome coating. While I wouldn't say it is a huge yielder...it is definately respectable. I am at day 53 right now with it and the buds are really getting some girth in the last few days. I'd say with some dialing in it can be a very nice yielding plant. And I totally hear/agree with you guys on seed selection. This chem is so nice it is going to stay a keeper.....but besides that I am now onto germinating TGA Subcool seeds looking for mothers. Everybody have a fantastic weekend!

    YungMoolaBaby Well-Known Member

    CAM is a great place. Great meds, great people, great environment all around.

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