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Best blueberry or blueberry cross?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by smokajoe, Aug 20, 2013.


    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    Hey riu i was just wondering what has the best blueberry seeds, or cross with blueberry?

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Man this same question is asked every week, you've been round a while, try searching!

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    becareful you may get the all to ever present trolling for blueberries!

    bluntmassa1 Well-Known Member

    DJ Shorts got the original and its in most all the blue crosses. Also for crosses Chimera should be good DJ let him select from a few f4 blueberry males he actually basically released the original sweet tooth sweet pink grapefruit x blueberry of course its not the same father though but the same clone only mother and its only $60 per pack just gotta go through Gypsy's sites unless you don't mind paying extra.

    ElfoodStampo Well-Known Member

    DJ Shorts BLueberry is pretty fantastic.

    Doobius1 Well-Known Member

    Im running a Blue Tara scrog from Bodhi that is absolutely dank. Prob only 1/4 Blueberry in this hybrid but at 5 weeks she has resin to tips of the fan leaves. If you can find the beans, grab em

    kentuckyboy Well-Known Member

    So far out of all the strains that I have grown, I would say that HSO's Blue Dream has been the best BB cross. Their Blue Dream is some fantastic smoke. You will not be disappointed! It may not be the clone-only Blue Dream, but I really liked it. It yielded good too!
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    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    Sadly-I cant find them!
    Ill probably either get DJ shorts blueberry, or get the HSO Blue Dream!

    calicat Well-Known Member

    Might want to look into Chocolate Rain by Sannies Seeds. The genetics are DNA Genetics D-Line (Chocolope) x Dj Shorts Cocoa Kush(Blueberry Sativa x Blueberry). I have 7 in flower atm and about a month to go. They are the winner for my runs as the frostiest gals for this year so far.

    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    OMG how the hell did I forget about chocolate rain, sannies was the first seeds I ever popped-thanks for the reminder! Definitely off to order (hope they are in stock)!

    calicat Well-Known Member

    They are and to the best of my knowledge it is a newer batch not mine which I purchased last year. I did not get any extreme choc phenotype. The newer batch does not have those expressing that often. Hear it takes 13 weeks plus to finish that pheno.

    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    Damn 13 weeks will be a challenge, but if I had that pheno-well I would let it rain chocolate! I am up to the long flowering times!

    calicat Well-Known Member

    From other members in this community they say that is the best pheno and on opengrow. Oh and btw yw. Best of luck with whatever you decide to get. The others provided some good examples to narrow down the search of your blueberry quest.

    VirtualHerd Well-Known Member

    You know I saw another thread like this awhile back that mentioned flying Dutchman blueberry skunk as being fantastic. I bought a pack of seeds that are on my list to run this fall. I did some research and found nothing but praise for this strain. Worth looking into and happy growing

    ASMALLVOICE Well-Known Member

    Have no input on which ones to get, but I can tell you that I have bought my last product from Dutch Passion, in the blueberry strain anyways. Junky seeds compared to others in the same order from a few breeders.

    Peace and Great Grows


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