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Baby Leaves Turning Yellow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by MagicBus420, Jun 2, 2008.


    MagicBus420 Active Member

    my plants are about 4 weeks old and about 9 inches tall
    i water them about every three days and when i planted them i put in about a teaspoon of manure pellets into the pot
    other than the baby leaves turning yellow the plants look very healthy
    anyone know what i can do to solve this problem?

    MagicBus420 Active Member

    o yea i am growing them outside where the temperature is mid eighties for the high and 60 for the low
    Golden Ray

    Golden Ray Well-Known Member

    New leaves comin out are yellow?

    MagicBus420 Active Member

    no everything is lloking very healthy except for the baby leaves which are wilting and yellow

    durbanpoison91 Active Member

    this has also hapned to me from time to time and i have nothing to atribute this phenomana to

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