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Any Kansas Legalization news?

Discussion in 'Legalization Of Marijuana' started by ksnative, Aug 26, 2012.


    ksnative Member

    Hey I was just curious if there was any progress/status on getting medicinal marijuana legalized in Kansas. I'm not to hopeful however because KS was just voted most conservative state. :P

    overgrowem Well-Known Member

    U'r kidding arent U? Babtists,Evangelicals,Carismatics,Govenor Brownstain.Kansas shouldn't have been voted most conservative,but most dimwitted.There is one hope though,3 or 4 more years of this climate change drought(which most Kansans deny) and the powers in Kan.who fight MJ.on moral grounds will be for complete legalization on economic grounds.Gotta plant something on all those burntout wheat and corn acres.

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