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Alaska Medical Marijuana Card Holder with Caregiver space available

Discussion in 'Alaska Patients' started by snipsnip, May 1, 2012.


    snipsnip Well-Known Member

    get in touch here , we have space for caregiver spot . Meds will be grown for you , with your donation . email for interview and verification .

    meds: top shelf
    chem: checked @ lab for toxicity and potency
    barter: barter may be nes. by some for donation in luew of donation

    alaska only allows 1 medical spot outside of family 4th generation removed , get your spot now !


    torxxx Active Member

    I know someone up here.... If you still looking

    TCbob Member

    I live in Trapper Creek, 115 miles north of Anchorage, and have for twelve years. The Talkeetna medical clinic recommended medical marijuana for me eight years ago, but refused to write a prescription, saying they'd lose federal money. Since then, I've grown my own or purchased it illegally from local growers, (growing cannabis hemp is a way of life here). Rumor has it that Alaska now has a full-time doctor writing prescriptions for medical marijuana. Can you verify this? Can you provide an address? Thanks, either way. TCBob

    oldthumber Member

    Yes, I recently got my card thru the fella, He comes up from the outside once a month. The office visit cost $300 and $375 if you don’t bring your records with you and you have to have a condition that the state allows and you have to sign him over as your primary care physician. Let me know if you are interested so I can go thru my paperwork for the number and address.
    I got my card last week ( it took about 3 weeks after I mailed in the paperwork) but I can’t find any meds I am in a tremendous amount of pain so if anyone has any suggestions please HELP!!!

    oldthumber Member

    Hey snipsnip what is a donation and what will it get me?

    snipsnip Well-Known Member

    Unfortunatly donations are not accepted in alaska . its still illegal unless you are care giving for that person . Im working on all the details for that end of things but the space is still available , as a matter of fact im building a new area that will be a permenet spot. The law states i may seeek reimbursment for my space and water , elec water , but anyone outside of caregiver status cannot sell meds.
    sorry about the spelling little groggy from the hospital visit this morning .

    snipsnip Well-Known Member

    Its the medical marijuana clinic in anc or fairbanks with dr mcgraorty , from california took me over 30 days to recieve my card. But i have it . Find the medical clinic on FB .

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    He flies in from the Lower 48. $325 with records, $375 without. He advertises in the ADN and there are glossy flyers everywhere.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Start growing! Where do you live? I mean general region. I'm near Palmer.

    oldthumber Member

    I live just above the finger lake state park between palmer and wasilla. I have tried to grow some but I suck at it so far. I still need to find some meds till I get a crop in.

    513409 Member

    Does he bill insurance? haha I have been going through a buttload of medical problems and my insurance this year is completely paid so I wonder if they would cover the office visit.. Hmmm

    bearhuntak Member

    Right on, glad to hear there are getting to be more MMJ patients out here in the valley.....I got my card from a doctor in wasilla who is only $250. This was also several months before this other guy started coming up, but I do know of at least ten people that have seen him with no issues. And yes he will bill whatever you got, it's illegal for him to turn down ur insurance and tell you that you have to pay cash.
    Good luck and happy tokin! :joint:

    snipsnip Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone , been a little um ...busy .
    im willing to give any advise , or direction for growing to anyone that needs it. there are a few basics that are important and should not be overlooked. everything starts with ur base , just like construction if its off a little, in the end it will be off alot.

    So anyway , if u need help let me know !

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    We know you do.

    toooom Active Member

    Why would you ask for donations of someone who is letting you take their right to have 6 more plants? Obviously it costs money to grow but still i would think you would split it or something. Its called a caregiver not a growing greedy douche bag.

    dj99577 Member

    !'m a card holder that needs a caregiver. How can I find one? I live in Eagle River.

    toooom Active Member

    I have a friend that lives in Eagle River that was looking to be someones caregiver. I will see if they are still in need, might workout for both of you. But I dont know the process of adding a caregiver if you have already been issued a card. Also i know there is someone in the valley that has alot of edibles and you just donate to help with gas,elec,rent etc. so keep your ears out

    dj99577 Member

    I have a form that i can send to the state to designate my caregiver. any help is appreciated.

    ozman Well-Known Member

    WOW Alaska,that was a dream of mine when I was younger to live there.Im not sure I could survive in the cold anymore.It still has a haunting ring to it that makes me wonder why I didnt go there to begin with.Well anyways I envy you peeps in AK.I dont envy the cold :(
    Fight the good fight,smoke on.

    Silicity Active Member

    i remember being 4 years old telling my parents that im going to alaska immediately after turning 18, my family as the years progressed doubted and thought "he was a kid when he said that." now 1 month and 4 days after my 18th birthday i had gotten some money and the next day i was on a flight to anchorage from reno nevada, which for the past several years alaska wasnt on my mind and in 2 days i had gone from a cali grow op to the last frontier and not regretting it almost a year later.

    Id atleast see this amazing state, the mountains are gorgeous and the scenery overall is a 10/10 until you see the swampy tundra areas, and mt mckinley is amazing.

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