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Advance Nutrients Jungle Juice & Lucas Method

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by CallMeDro, Dec 29, 2012.


    CallMeDro Member

    If I use the Lucas method and only two parts of the set instead of all 3 would I yield more? I don't get how I can use the same amount of nutrients the entire grow with the lucas method & but have the amounts increase over the weeks with a 3 part grow.

    bmaye2010 Member

    wondering same thing

    CallMeDro Member

    Lol for all those that use the method, haven't gotten any responses. I'm guessing that you wouldn't use the full 8ml/16ml of the formula. But the 4L package of the trio costs about the same as buying two parts individually so I might just use all 3 parts

    tallen Active Member

    I think that as long as your giving your plants a good nute mix to begin with that your not going to yeild more by switching (although you may save a little money). Yeild has a lot more to do with environment and growing style (along with grower experience) than what brand or style of nutes you give them (regardless of what the manufacturers tell you).

    My experience-I never tried the 3 part but had good luck with the lucas formula. Switched to Dyna-gro and they look lusher and healthier (but yeild is about the same). I'd say both the 3 part or lucas formula are good choices, you'll just have to try them out for yourself to see how YOU like them.

    StewartWarner Active Member


    CallMeDro Member

    That doesn't answer my question... do I use 8/16 throughout the grow no matter what phase the grow is in?

    bgmn2 Member

    But it does answer your question. There are different strengths given for vegetative and flowering periods. The amount isn't what you start with either - for young plants in hydro you start with practically just water, adding some nutes every now and then until you're at the amount that's in the Lucas Formula.

    Fairly simple. Stay below 0.9 EC when vegging, when you start switching for flowering aim for 1.1 in the first week and up from there. I wouldn't go over 1.5 EC, but I just started growing too so I don't know my shit as well as some others here might.

    CallMeDro Member

    So the formula isn't 8/16 from day 1? Thats the impression I was under & thats the only numbers that are thrown out

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