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7H Hydro (legal shit)

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by tommy5669, Jul 13, 2011.


    tommy5669 Member

    so last night, me and a couple friends of mine rolled three fat blunts of it and we were fully intending to smoke all three, jus facin' em, (this was my first time tryin it) and we got through almost a blunt and i was dyin laughin jus zonin and shit we never finished the other two blunts hahaha

    cannabisguru Well-Known Member

    if this is anything like that K2 shit that all these kids are going nuts over.. then this shit IMO, should ALSO be banned and not for sales.

    you kids are putting chemicals into your body... that were never meant to be inhaled or put into your body. I mean, who the fuck knows what the REAL ingredients/chemicals are.

    but hey, if you want to waste your money on cheap nasty imitation crap... then go for it.

    I for one, will NEVER degrade myself to having to smoke the so called "legal herbs".. or bath salts.. or any of those other 'imitation' fake "drugs" that are unfortunately ending up in the hands of many kids/teens these days.

    It's simple.. if you want to get high/stoned... then do yourself a favor and get the REAL LEGIT shit instead of that fake crap. As long as you kids/teens keep coming back and keep buying these imitation drugs.. the longer they're going to keep selling them.

    All I'm saying here is.. use your brain.. use some common sense. That's all.. I mean, that is.. if you have any common sense to use. ;)


    tommy5669 Member

    yup thats why i told myself its a one time trip for me and it tore me the fuck up when i did smoke it. never again tho lol

    NP88 Active Member

    I do believe that synthetic blends should be banned, but I have smoked them before. Unless you cannot smoke pot for legal reasons, or if you have a drug test for a job or something, then you shouldn't mess with this stuff. Like any research chemical, the affects are unknown. I'll admit, I planned on switching over to synthetic at one point, but I think I'd rather not get high than possibly do some damage to myself. But we'll see if I follow through with it when I have to quit for drug tests!

    The war on drugs has forced people to using gray area chemicals to get high. Its a broken system, with no remedy that I see....

    Haddaway Well-Known Member

    These cannabinoids are DANGEROUS!!! Theyare FULL agonists at the CB1 receptor instead of a partial agonist like THC is.This makes them100x more dangerous asthe cannabinoid system is very complex. It effects your CB1 receptors density, and if you abuse it a lot(like I did) It has worse consequences than evensome hardcoredrugs. It literally gave me PTSD and extreme anxiety issues. I also cant enjoy pot anymore.. These things are gonna cause a epidemic of users complaining of these same issues(some have already surfaced)

    BangBangNig Active Member

    I agree. Even when you hit it for the first tie you can feel it causing problems.... It doesnt have to be abused to fuck up the joy of weed for you. Believe that

    NP88 Active Member

    Please elaborate, sir. My only complaint was that it gave me a tension headache around my brow area. I know someone who has smoked synthetic blends several times per day for several months, with no complaints. However, I am going to assume that his immune system has been lowered from the full agonist effects on CB receptors. But that isn't something you "feel" for the most part.

    BangBangNig Active Member

    I smoked it quite a few times when i couldnt find any green or when i was at my girlfriends dorm. It gives some people extreme anxiety and can cause anxiety attacks.

    What i mean by you can feel it causin problems is the head aches, convulsions, severe anxiety problems. Not so much mental problems, but physical problems are just as bad lol as mental. I know many people who smoked it once, personally handed it to me, and said "i cant even smoke weed anymore after that shit." It is so much worse than weed its ridiculous. Maybe not to some, but to many people it is not even worth it. And if you ask me, its definitely NOT worth it lol.

    Although i havnt smoked in 3 days (after smoking everyday for 4-5 years) and it sounded good earlier. But than i thought about what it has caused to happen in the past and its jsut not worth it.

    Solana! Member

    ok so i tried this 7h shit for the first time this past week, a couple buddies of mine and myself went to this place in elgin down the street n got some. it has like some weird devil guy on the front with horns and its holographic n it says 7h all over it n then says hydro on it in shiny shit. so its probly the 7h hydro, and yea ok it fucks with ur brain n is dangerous. but stop ur preachin, some of us, like myself, are being dropped for a short period of time ( like me for 3 months) n need something to get by with... im not gonna get cancer from tokin this shit for three months here and there so stfu guys, but listen to this shit ... i was with my boy friend in my garage and we faced a blunt of this shit... a fat ass mother of a blunt. and the next thing i knew i was so blown i cant even remember everthing that happened... i was imagining things thinking people were over in my house, i couldnt think properly, i thought i was falling and i screamed liek bloody murder and fell out my chair... i was laughing uncontrollably, i was talkin gto ppl who werent there.. and then i threw up. in all honesty besides the gross part, it was the highest i had ever been... so this is deffinitely my lifeline until im off bein tested in jan; i recomend it to anyone who is in a similar kind of pinch bongsmilie

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