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300W LED Closet Trial Grow

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by JackStraw74, Nov 5, 2017.


    Ghost67 Member

    SAM_1036.JPG SAM_1037.JPG
    Here's the northern lights fems in the little seed spa, and the clone from my last plant in the coffee can. I have 3 more northern lights fems started in those rooter plugs in the plastic tub. I'm gonna put the 3 in the seed spa and the clone in a 4 5 gal bucket configuration with 4 300 watt leds. The 3 I just started i'm gonna put in a single reservoir unit I just made with a 1000 watt led. See which way works best

    Buds.on.a.budget Well-Known Member

    Just reading through this and noticed you said you vegged them for x weeks.
    Did you change light cycle? It being a lowrider hybrid it could have been an autoflower?
    And did you flush it out with the last couple waters? Could be contributing to your taste problems.
    Looks good though! On to the next one :D
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    JackStraw74 Member

    Downside of growing "bag seeds" however it was all I had to go with. My seed source doesnt grow auto's, so that part I knew and that the lowrider was in the genetics.
    I think it was really just being a week or so early and possibly some mutation due to the probable hermi source..
    Buzz was just fine tho :-)

    I'm pushing forward, upgraded and added another light and working out the airflow & temps...

    Moscas - Rage OGK from DC Seed Exchange going now under 1 300 LED, added a second 300 but may sell it to a friend and just get a single higher power if heat is too much with 2 seperate lights.. 20180115_204651.jpg 20180116_180239.jpg
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    Ghost67 Member

    this is what mine is up to now SAM_1086.JPG
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    JackStraw74 Member

    I've been trying to get my lighting upgrades worked out.. Thinking I may just go to a 600 W, tried 2 300's but a bit too warm. And my 1200W LED is too hot for the small tent.

    Also wondering if just adding strips or some sort of supplimental LED's that wont create as much heat...

    20180130_163743.jpg 20180130_163823.jpg
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    Ghost67 Member

    Looking good bro! Just did a little work in the ole grow room myself this morn! SAM_1111.JPG
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    JackStraw74 Member

    20180210_154104.jpg Coming along nicely here, switched over to a 600W, responding well to it..

    A good ammount of stretch, on them but one seems to have slowed..

    PS, ran full fox farm soil and nutes again. Grow big into week one of flower. Starting bloom big nutes next feeding.. Will probably add tiger bloom mid way through flowering

    LST to try n keep a nice canopy.. Have most tops now between 10-15" from the light.
    20180204_065104.jpg 20180210_101939.jpg 20180210_102032.jpg
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    JackStraw74 Member

    Started them on the bloom big this week.
    Filling in nicely, the runt has a split stem down low and stretching past the others so had to HST a little..

    The other 2 are going strong..

    Discoloration on a few leaves, foliage watering with the light to close i think.
    Its a couple leaves, the rest are fine so i assume its not a nute issues...

    20180217_103155.jpg 20180217_103217.jpg

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