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3 - 1000 Watt Lights In a Line?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by sinistral, Mar 21, 2012.


    sinistral Active Member


    I am about to upgrade my grow room and I wanted some opinions regarding venting my new 1000 watt. I know there is lots of questions about this, but I couldn't find anything specific about 3 1000 watts in a line.

    I am going to be upgrading to three 1000 watt lights, and to reduce the number of bends in my duct work I was considering doing the following:


    Vent my three 1000 watt HPS (with 8 Inch reflector hoods) in a line, using 8 inch ducting, and two 8" Can Max Fans on each end to compensate for bends in the ducts near the end of the line, and where it begins.


    Vent each 8" reflector independently, but still using 2 8" Can Max Fans, just way more duct work, and wye type connections. However, due to room location/shape there would be several 90 degree bends for each light instead of just 1 if they were in a line, which I'm concerned may be an overall reduction in cooling.

    Which option would provide the best cooling?

    Anyone run 3 1000 watt lights in a line with any problems? (IE. 3rd light getting too much heat).

    Reason I'm going to be using the 2 Max fans is to compensate for loss of CFM due to bends in the ducts.

    Is two max fans overkill for 3000 watts?
    Mr. Limpet

    Mr. Limpet Well-Known Member

    do the straight line youll be fine

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