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150 watt hps cloest grow (blue dream & purple kush)

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by jdmay420, Mar 2, 2013.


    jdmay420 Member

    yoyo guys ill be posting updates and pics at least weekly to update my progress and seek advice while providing information and inspiration to other growers and enthusiasts.

    this is my 2nd time growing. i previously had a 250 hps light in the same closet but had to stop and sell the light due to finical issues i had to move my plants outside (see bottom) but now i am back on the scene with a slightly less powerful light but more knowledge. [​IMG]

    my light just came in yesterday(via volt 150 watt from homedepot) DSCN5519.jpg and i gotta say i am really surprised about how small and compact the light is. i am thinking of ordering a single bulb 2ft t5 light to hang on the wall for the purpose of providing light to the lower part of plants. any suggestions??
    i am using a custom homemade mix of nutrients, General Hydroponics FloraDuo and Banana Sweetener, and Bloombastic yield enhancer. DSCN5525.jpg
    Due to the fact the the clones were already pretty large and my growing space is quite compact, along with the fact that the sooner i harvest, the better, i am pushing these babies into flowering right away.
    The purple kush is on the right side and the blue dream is on the left,
    purple kush DSCN5522.jpg

    blue dream DSCN5527.jpg
    i know there very close together in that box right now and i am going to put them in something bigger later but for right now its very convenient to empty their liter boxes.

    some fisheye photos:
    DSC_2778.jpg DSC_2776.jpg DSC_2780.jpg
    stay tuned for updates and more information!! i am more than happy to answer questions!



    i am doing an outdoor grow with 5 plants near the freeway directly behind my apartment. They are spread out and have been out for 2 weeks during the month of feburary(12/12 lighting) so i might also be posting pics of those or maybe start a new thread, if they actually harvest, im going to call them freeway kush :0

    DSC_2687.jpg DSC_2684.jpg DSC_2686.jpg DSC_2676.jpg DSC_2678.jpg

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    nickjqz Member

    I will be following along! How old are the clones?

    robbiek312 Member

    if they're only under a 150w you need to move them closer.
    I have a 400w and my ladies are like 10" away
    try stacking milk crates or boxes under them to move them closer

    jdmay420 Member

    yeah i just moved them a little bit closer,
    and im not sure how old they are, the blue dream is about 16 inches high and the purple kush is 12 with 3 large branches, ill post pics on they start to show signs of flowering!

    dopedeeii Active Member

    I really want to see how the freeway grow goes

    jdmay420 Member

    sadly 3 of the 6 freeway ones have curled up and died :( soo sad. i haven't checked on the other 3 yet today but there was a massive storm last night so i doubt they are still alive :(, but thats san francisco weather for you!

    in the meantime the indoor have been doing great and are in day 6 of flower,
    i have a feeling spidermites are going to come so i got a free sample of No SpiderMites from greenway nutrients and I'm going to apply it once a week to prevent them from ever becoming a problem.
    here are my babies!
    DSCN5540.jpg DSCN5536.jpg

    jdmay420 Member

    yes yes yall,
    so my indoor babies are doing great. DSCN5557.jpg DSCN5558.jpg you can practically see the blue dream growing on a daily basis and its beginning to form small buds.
    however the leaves on top of my purple kush are thinning up slightly, im callling it "spidering" because the leaves look spider legs, DSCN5554.jpg the rest of plant is healthy and im sure that leaves are fine, but its a little odd, i also feel like this is just my inexperience manifesting itself into paranoia.

    but does anyone have any ideas/suggestions/cures?

    I got some lemon kush seeds from my last purchase of medicne so i decied to plant them for fun and they are sprouting right up, its been about 1 weeks since ive planted them and if they turn out to be females, lemon kush is going to be my next grow! :0 DSCN5550.jpg
    also, i made a clone of the blue dream for fun so if that preserves as well ill also be growing blue dream again as well.

    and my outdoor babies are surviving!

    while 2 of the 6 are completely dead(blue dream), one(catpiss) is barley surviving, one(kens og kush) is very dry, but the 2 (purple kush) are still there and growing! perhaps because they are in a different are form the others, one that is more moist and revives less direct sunlight(shaded by tress).

    because it gets so cold at night in san francisco it has been causing them to purple up like crazy!
    San Francisco-20130313-00484.jpg San Francisco-20130313-00481.jpg San Francisco-20130313-00482.jpg

    ill be posting another update in about a week.
    Dr. Skunk Bud

    Dr. Skunk Bud Active Member

    i would top those bitches

    jdmay420 Member

    Here is the blue dream, day 28 into flowering
    DSCN5579.jpg DSCN5583.jpg
    purple kush, day 4 of flowering

    purple kush day 26 flowering, she is obvisouly sick, from what i know it appears to be water sickness because i def over watered her and soil is wet as shit, shes been like that for over a week, i picked her and let her dry for a few days and she was a little better but then i watered her for a few days and the sickness spread to the rest of the plant. i assume her roots are being drowned, i am letting her dry then i am going to slowly flush her. any suggestions/tips?
    DSCN5588.jpg DSCN5587.jpg DSCN5586.jpg

    jdmay420 Member

    long story short, i have only have one blue dream running now,
    DSCN5607.jpg DSCN5608.jpg DSCN5615.jpg

    Purpsdro420 Active Member

    What happened to the other one

    jdmay420 Member

    Flowered for just under 2 months, flushed for a week and half, Harvested 11 grams of pure flower and about 6 grams of bake-able shake DSCN5743.jpg DSCN5727.jpg DSCN5723.jpg DSCN5720.jpg DSCN5718.jpg DSCN5712.jpg

    cues Well-Known Member

    That's a pretty poor harvest.

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