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1000 Watt & Light Mover?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by SofaKingLost, Nov 20, 2008.


    SofaKingLost Active Member

    i have a 1000watt light and i wanna cover as much area as possible.... i was thinking of getting a 6 foot light mover and wanted to cover 10 feet back and forth by itself errr if i could get a longer light mover and cover more area? i'm just wondering if i need to get a couple of 250watt to luminate the sides when they don't have the 1000watt on it.

    holmes Well-Known Member

    hate to burst your bubble, but even 6 ft is pushing it. go for 4' rail and 5' coverage
    do your research and youll find this is about right

    SofaKingLost Active Member

    what if i got those 250 watt lights for both sides well the 1000 watt runs between the two?

    smokeandfly Well-Known Member

    depends how good u want the sides to grow.

    smokeandfly Well-Known Member

    a 1000watt is good for 1.5 meters sq now each time it hits the sides u will get half of that so around 2.5 feet then the other side is 2.5 feet so 5 feet plus 6 equals 11 there ya go

    holmes Well-Known Member

    this is bs, im not going to check if his numbers are right, but to think you can cover 11 feet with one 1000 is dreaming.

    so you want to move it 9 feet, and have 250 watters on the corners. dunno it may or may not work well.
    but honestly i would rather put two 1000's on maybe an 8'-9' track

    just consider that this plant loves light, and that the light mover's real benefit is to give you light in the shaded areas as it passes by. Small gains in your grow area are all that should be expected. Ed Rosenthal isnt crazy bout em, most growers think that they can double their space with it.

    SofaKingLost Active Member

    ive been doing alot of reading on this subject and i think the only loss is longer time the plants take to flower. but when u think about it 2 extra weeks is well worth 50% more product. and i dont know why they would make light movers if it couldnt even double your area atleast. if anybody has used one and can proove this wrong please do.

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    The Son of Man

    The Son of Man Well-Known Member

    light movers work good with rectangular patterns. 5' wide and 8' long. The center 6' yield stays about the same--sometimes a little less than just using a stationary light, but you are able to grow two extra feet with descent results with the light 2.5" closer to the plants. End result--a little more bud, their worth the 200-300 bucks.

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    I have a 1000w light on a 6' mover and can speak from personal experience and not just random malarkey... A 6' rail is just fine... any more than that and you will be pushing your luck.

    It brings my light from one side of the 4x8 tray to the other...

    holmes Well-Known Member

    grow tech, before i responded i wanted to see your setup, the only grow journal that mentioned you using a light mover is the 32 perpetual one, and at this moment your still vegging the mommies.
    i glanced at it quickly and i think this is your first run with it, correct me if im wrong.
    also on one of the post you mention that it increases grow length by 1.5, a 1000 at 4' on a light mover is 6'.
    your last post said you have a 4x8 flood table.
    im 100% you can grow plants this way, but please tell us if this is true. That the buds on the ends will be lighter,....overall buds will be lighter (compared to multiple stationary lights),....if each plant is receiving less total light then quality should decrease.

    Now i should say that ive never used one, but ive read several posts on different grow sites from light mover users, and the negative reviews outweighed the positive. i remember one comment went like "i got an increase in yeild, but not very much, overall i didnt find it was worth the trouble"

    i would like to read and see all on what you got on movers, because i would surely copy if it works well. if the 32 grow journal is what you got, then ill be following.

    timmmy2021 Well-Known Member

    i have a 1000w on a 4' mover i got most my info growtech. he's smarter then me.... and has a lot of good info.

    smokeandfly Well-Known Member

    holmes dont say that what i say is bs mate reason you didnt check my figures could be because your to dumb as i said in earlyer post it depends how much you want the sides to grow they would still grow but pretty bad with a light mover it means you can get it closer to plants people grow with cfls pretty sure you can grow with these. best way to do this would be with 2 1000 watts but what would be the point of moving them since they cover 10 feet anyway.

    holmes Well-Known Member

    smokeandfly, you told the guy that he could cover 11' no problem with a single 1000, that is absolute bullshit, you might aswell cover it all with fluorescents.
    yes, you did say "it depends how good you want the sides to grow", but wtf does that mean to someone who really wants to hear you say that you can cover 50sq.ft with a single light. your posts were breif and uninformative. sorry if i insulted you, but at the first read, it seemed to me that you were just typing bs.

    i too want to learn more about the limits of light movers, but from all that i have gathered from other users, it just isnt what its cut out to be.

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Im running both 6ft movers as well as 4ft movers,i personally have never been able to double floor space or yeild,the main benifits with movers are that you can get the big lights close as fuk,much closer than normal,the other benifit is max penetration to all areas of the grow,i'd estimate that after adding the movers i increased yeild about 10% to 15%,that in itself is quite a feat.

    Double floor space is never gonna happen,it's sales hype,still a 15% increase in yeild is well worth the $100 a mover costs.


    holmes Well-Known Member

    i think the 4' mover is more appropriate, and im not questioning growtech's skill, hes a senior member with a hella more experience, im just asking questions.

    thanks panhead, youve got the old chain driven movers, and i beleive they are slower than the newer models. My point is, do you think the 6' with a somewhat faster mover produces good quality bud. Also, do you cover 6' of grow space, or 8'

    BombOnly Active Member

    A friend of mine has 2 lights on short rails. They go back and forth like a foot each way width wise rather than length. He said the main thing he noticed was better density on outer trees nugs and he didnt burn any plants when he switched to the movers. I'm a newb at the whole growing part, but that is real feed back from someone who has grown with movers.

    Please this is just feedback and not my opinion. Hate somebody else if your hatin':joint:

    panhead Well-Known Member

    The speed of the mover is irrelevant,it dont matter how fast the mover makes it's pass,it's the duration of maximum light penetration that matters,max light will be the same no matter how fast the mover goes,you can speed up the mover to 10 x the normal speed & your still only going to get x number of hours of max penetration,no matter the speed.

    Salesmen print out all kinds of shit about the new style movers & how the adjustable speed makes a big difference,i cant see how,its simple math to figure out max penetration hours at any speed,at the end of the light cycle all plants will recieve the same amount of hours no matter the speed.

    I cover 9 ft of length with the movers in that pic,a single 1,000 hps dead center & on each side runs a 600 hps,all three movers run to where the three lights are at oposite ends of the grow at the same time so all areas are well light.

    I also have a single mover set up that was running a 6ft mover with another 1,000 hps ,the plants on the outside get half the amount of light no matter mover speed,i rotated plants daily to compensate for this but still noticed stretching,after the harvest i replaced the 6ft with a 4ft mover & corrected any stretching,i also got bud density back up.

    With a single 1,000 watter i'd reccomend a 4ft mover.

    holmes Well-Known Member

    thankk you panhead

    SofaKingLost Active Member

    so with my 1000watt hps without buying any new lights what is the maximum area i can cover with a light mover and without any stretching done to my plants. i still havent bought the light mover but i'm pretty set on it so far.

    panhead Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt go any larger than a 6 ft x 5 ft area using a 4 ft mover,you wont experience any stretching,what you get is increased penetration more over than increased grow area,short story is that movers equal denser & larger secondary bud's.

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