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1 Gram Cannabutter

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by texashomegrown, Jul 21, 2008.


    texashomegrown Active Member

    If I chopped up a gram or two of good bud could I make a little cannabutter to put on a peice of bread or somthing? Don't really want to spend hundreds of dollars on butter

    Njsurf14 Well-Known Member

    hmmm my only suggestion would be.. to get those cookies you just cut and put on the pan. Cut one of those and chop up your bud in a grinder than put it in the cookie. ... I'm NOT SRE ABOUT THIS sooo take your chances

    koolhand77 Well-Known Member

    Hey, grind up a gram or so. you can cook with the gram as long as there is a fatty substace to absorb the thc. butter is better done bigger numbers. like i just took 14 grams of pretty good mids and cooked itin the butter for about a hour on lowlow heat stiriing it every couple min. use a smallpot. then strain the butter. Do not burn. Now i am gonna make 9 rice krispy treats.yummy lol sorry for spacing mykeyboard is fucked.

    koolhand77 Well-Known Member

    wait don't waste your weed by just chopping it up. thc has to be drawn outof the plant you can't get high from just eating it.
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    Njsurf14 Well-Known Member

    Fuck i forgot about that step repps for u kiss-ass

    TreeDweller79 Well-Known Member

    So if someone were to just eat an ounce of dank nothing would happen? It must be an urban myth.

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    This is true, however I just read an official opinion on a renown researchers web site that stated there is something in pot that needs to be cooked to some degree lest it not make you feel so good . . . you know, unpleasant, strong high. I'm sure you'd have to eat a good chunk for this to become an issue. It was on here somewhere, a link to a couple of grower/scientists book. Top post. Oh well?
    Sorry to be so vague but, if true and I save someone from a super buzzkill, well I felt it warranted? I'll post the source when I stumble on it again.
    Maybe it was on here? I don't recall where I got this? It's a good read. Yummy. http://alternatesmoke.com/cooking/index.html
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2008

    Ganjaglutin New Member

    IDK About All That, I Often Season My Spaghetti With Som Reggie 'erb And Grind It Up REAL Fine And Put It On Some Skillet Fried Chicken. No Matter How Indica It Is That Chicken Gets You So Fuckin High... And The Spaghetti Is An Unusual All-around Buzz!

    monstercmb98 Active Member


    cloudflyer Well-Known Member

    I use a coffee grinder and powder it. Then I add it to veg oil (butter sub that dosent burn as easy) and cook on low heat for about an hour. Then add it or cook it into your fav dish
    blazin waffles

    blazin waffles Well-Known Member

    If you want a bad ass cookie rec. you should click on the 2nd link in my sig. Look through the last few pages and my buddy DB has an amazing cookie rec.!!!!!

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    blazin waffles

    blazin waffles Well-Known Member

    What do you mean "how Indica it is?"


    Njsurf14 Well-Known Member

    thats a great link :joint::joint:

    Vizion420 Well-Known Member

    make some firecrackers im tore up as hell off em right been that way 4 hrs now off 2 grams off some good

    MonkeeMan Well-Known Member

    i second that

    ive only done that once, but i was fucked so bad it made me sick

    haha its got its pros and cons :P

    Ganjalf Active Member

    haha how indica it is.

    Chattin' shit boy!!!

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